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Weird Al Yankovic – Albuquerque: THE MOVIE – Work and contact – End Times, my comic. This is one of the first flashes I ever made, back in 2006. At the time of uploading this is nearly it’s 5 year anniversary. It’s a music video to Weird Al’s 11 and a half minute epic song Albuquerque! Sit back and enjoy. … Read more

7 Most amazing and Bizarre historical Coincidences In Urdu Hindi

In This Video, we’ll Learn About 7 Most amazing and Bizarre historical Coincidences In Urdu Hindi Video Link: Thanks For Watching Our Video Please like,Comment and subscribe Our Channel to get More Latest Updates If You Face any Problem Just Join Our facebook Page or Comment. source

Taylor Swift – the last great american dynasty (Official Lyric Video)

Official lyric video by Taylor Swift performing “the last great american dynasty” – off her album ‘folklore.’ Album available here: ►Subscribe to Taylor Swift on YouTube: ►Exclusive Merch: ►Follow Taylor Swift Online Instagram: Facebook: Tumblr: Twitter: Website: ►Follow Taylor Nation Online Instagram: Tumblr: Twitter: … Read more

A Boy Was Walking By A Lake And Noticed Something Odd Nobody Expected It To Be This

Diving down to the bottom of the ocean is something that is commonly reserved for the bravest among us, but every now and then, a dive down to the deep dark depths will result in an astonishing find that defies all conventions of what we thought to be possible. Very often, the salt water of … Read more

How many RAPPERS Do You Know?… Guess The Rapper… 100 Rappers

How Many Rappers Do You Know Challenge Don’t forget to subscribe for more fun quiz videos: Do you think you could name all of these new school and old school rappers? In this video, we are going to test your facial recognition using famous rappers. This is a fun way to exercise your mind … Read more



DSV Dance Impression (NED) – Imagine – 4th Place European Championship 2015

DSV Dance Impression from the Netherlands has achieved the 4th place on the European Championship Formation Standard in Elblag, Poland! Imagine all the people, living life in peace….. Like many others, the dancers of DSV Dance Impression are concerned and sad about today’s turmoil going on in the world… War, political tension and the heartfelt … Read more

The All-American Rejects – Dirty Little Secret (Official Music Video)

REMASTERED IN HD! Official Music Video for A Thousand Miles performed by Vanessa Carlton. Watch more remastered videos! Follow Vanessa Carlton Instagram: Twitter: Facebook: Website: (C) 2000 Interscope Records #VanessaCarlton #AThousandMiles #Remastered source

SCARIEST SUMMER JOB EVER [The Bathhouse – Full Game]

SCARIEST SUMMER JOB EVER [The Bathhouse – Full Game]

LAST DAY: GOGOGO BEFORE IT’S GONE: Join ► Tiktok ► Twitter ► Instagram ► Game: Music: Jesus said to love one another and that we should be servants to each other, so I would ask that you all do that in the comment section. Be respectful. … Read more

Review – JoJo's Bizarre Adventure – Anime TV Series – Ep. 001 – "Dio the Destroyer"

Shinjuku Station Fight Tube / Anime: JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure – Series 1 – “Phantom Blood” Episode: 001 – “Dio the Destroyer” Original Air Date: 10/05/12 Review Date: 10/11/12 Reviewers: Nick the Stampede & Soul Bro Ryu Join the Conversation about this episode @ Forums! WARNING: This review is laden with spoilers and … Read more

Bizarre discoveries in the most unexpected places

Many fascinating discoveries have been made throughout the years. But sometimes these can be truly puzzling, especially when they’re made in unlikely locations. Browse through this gallery and get to know some really weird things found in the most unexpected of places. StarsInsider 2022-08-01T12:30:00Z source

Pop Smoke – The Woo | Dance

Today I’ll be dancing to Pop Smoke The Woo with special guest Lord.Divine we literally made this dance the day before in less than an hour and decided to give ya some of the sauce! Hope you guys enjoy the video ! RIP POP SMOKE 👟LEARN HOW TO DANCE & GO VIRAL ON YT HERE … Read more

Something Weird Is Happening Above CERN No One Can Explain!

In 2016, a series of photographs taken over Geneva barely ten days after scientists reopened the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) caught strange clouds in the sky. People were quick to believe that the jaw-dropping photographs were proof that CERN was establishing a portal to another universe. Were the scientists working at CERN really trying to … Read more

Strange YouTube Videos – Episode 8

In this episode we cover a skydiving accident gone wrong, a disturbing discovery in the woods, and the final recordings of two teenagers who documented their gruesome crime. Music Used: Myuuji – Something’s Wrong Myuuji – Catherine Myuuji – Grotesque Fantasia source

Scientists At CERN Just Announced A TERRIFYING New Discovery!

Physicists from around the world were incredibly excited to see the greatest most advanced high energy particle collider become operational. After all, they had patiently waited for decades to finally watch this amazing invention revolutionize our knowledge and understanding of the universe. The large Hadron Collider built by European Organization for Nuclear Research went operational … Read more

4 No Heat Bohemian Hairstyles

HOLA YALL! So i was in Cabo San Lucas for 4 days and i filmed ALOT of stuff for y’all and I’m so excited to edit it and put it up but my computer ever has disk space so it was really hard exporting this one but it did finally! Anyway I hope y’all like … Read more

Obscure: The Aftermath – PSP – #23. The Enthroning Room [HD]

Obscure: The Aftermath – PSP – #23. The Enthroning Room [HD]

PLEASE LEAVE A RATING Obscure: The Aftermath – PSP – #23. The Enthroning Room [HD] In HD Ash’s Tools ========= PSP Streamed with Remotejoylite, recorded with fraps, a male to male audio cable for sound, and sony vegas pro 8 for my editing NO PLAYLISTS HERE, go to for playlists of each of Ash’s … Read more

Old Time Radio Commercial Maguires Appliances

Our channel is dedicated to preserving Old Time Radio classic shows, such as this. Enjoy this classic from The Classic Archives! Make sure you check out our online store that contains over 50,000 classic titles on DVD or CD. All of our titles are in the best quality audio sound available. Our MP3 DVD’s will … Read more

UNBOXING!! – Pinkbox Boho Beauty!!

Hey ihr Lieben, Heute zeige ich euch mal wieder die Pinkbox. Dieses mal haben wir die Pinkbox Boho Edition, die mit fünf tollen Kosmetik Produkten gefüllt. Wir haben sowohl Make Up, als auch Pflege Produkte. Wenn euch interessiert, was sich in der Box befindet, dann schaut euch mein Video an. 😊 Wenn euch das Video … Read more

Mr. Eko – The Oceanic Six

ALBUM IS OUT NOW! Get this and the album on iTunes: You can also get that album here: LOST fans this is the first track we’re releasing from our upcoming album. Tweets by TheOceanic6 Facebook: ———————————— The Oceanic Six is Luke Conard Tweets by LukeConard Jason Munday … Read more

Men Without Hats – Safety Dance (Official Music Video)

Check out our website for more Unidisc content: Shop for Vinyls, CDs, Merch and More: Buy/Stream • Facebook • SoundCloud • Shop • Twitter • Instagram • YouTube • © Unidisc Music The new wave synth pop collective Men Without Hats were formed in 1980 by … Read more

Dancing on the Waves (Official Lyric Video) – Bethel Music feat. We The Kingdom | Peace

“Dancing on the Waves” sung by We The Kingdom from the Peace Album. We The Kingdom appears courtesy of Sparrow Records. Lyrics: Verse 1 I’m standing at your door My heart is calling yours Come fall into My arms You’re weary from it all Been running for too long I’m here to bring you home … Read more

Sage The Gemini – Gas Pedal (Official Video) ft. IamSu

From the debut album “Remember Me” Available Now! Get it on iTunes! Twitter – Facebook – Directed by Suj The Director – Music video by Sage The Gemini performing Gas Pedal (feat. IamSu). Directed by Suj. 2013 Black Money Music Group / Sage The Gemini #SageTheGemini #GasPedal #Vevo source

Scientists BIZARRE Discovery Under Antartica That No One Was Supposed To See

Antarctica is the fifth largest continent in terms of landmass and comprises the majority of the Antarctic region. This implies that Antarctica is capable of consuming both Oceania and Europe, despite being a continent without a single country. However, seven nations attempt to claim separate portions of the icy continent. They are New Zealand, Australia, … Read more

Chronic Law DISS somebody, kash forward out to have a good time his Birthday AT KASH B-DAY

Pelpa Time Production We Produce Video’s, Music, Direct and Edit, Call [876-294-0075] Subscribe Like, Share and leave a Comment, even if you don’t have a question. I’d really love to know what your thoughts, subscribe to my YouTube and FaceBook Channel. Support my youtube channel #1 Pelpa Time Production, NEW CHANNEL – #2 … Read more


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MYA the Ghetto Superstar, history with ding dong, she's letting go the bird in Kingston Jamaica

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Something Weird Is Happening At CERN No One Can Explain

The satisfaction of finding something completely unique is one of the things that drives many scientists to their career. As a result, scientists at CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research, have reactivated their Cosmic Cannon, the Large Hadron Collider. Imagine the scientific community’s excitement when a Large Hadron Collider suddenly uncovered something altogether new. … Read more

Talkin About Doctor Who: Season 13 (Part 3: The Brain of Morbius and The Seeds of Doom)


Rise of the Resistance is Overrated Mediocrity

I made the claim a while back that I found Rise of the Resistance to be overrated and so I figured it was time to explain why. In the following video, I’ll lay out my points for why Rise isn’t the be all, end all of attraction design. Logo Background Source: Various Media Sources: … Read more

Climate Action Day 2022

We will start on 2:00pm CET = 9am ET = 6:30pm IST Find schedule and list of speakers here: source

POPCAAN diss VAILANT but that diss turned into motivation/LAW BOSS apologies/TAKEOFF RIP

Pelpa Time Production We Produce Video’s, Music, Direct and Edit, Call [876-294-0075] Subscribe Like, Share and leave a Comment, even if you don’t have a question. I’d really love to know what your thoughts, subscribe to my YouTube and FaceBook Channel. Support my youtube channel #1 Pelpa Time Production, NEW CHANNEL – #2 … Read more

Thai Conversation Practice – Improve Speaking Skills

This is the best video to get started with Thai daily conversations! Click here to access personalized lessons, tons of video series, wordlists and more! Step 1: Go to Step 2: Sign up for a Free Lifetime Account – No money, No credit card required Step 3: Achieve Your Learning Goal and master … Read more

Amy MacDonald – Dancing In The Dark (Orchestral Version)

Amy MacDonald performed a very special show in Luxembourg back with The German Philharmonic Orchestra. (10/17/2010) Artist: Amy MacDonald Song: Dancing In The Dark (Orchestral Version) Album: A Curious Thing – Special Orchestral Edition Official Site (english): Official Site (german): Official MySpace: Official Facebook: source

The Aldrich Family 521005 Haircut, Old Time Radio

The Aldrich Family was a teenage sitcom that featured “America’s favorite teenager” Henry Aldrich, portrayed by Ezra Stone (until 1942), Norman Tokar (1942-1943), Dickie Jones(1943-1944), Raymond Ives (1944-1945), and Bobby Ellis (1952, both in radio and television). Debuting as a replacement for Jack Benny’s Show, the series started airing on July 2, 1939. Months later, … Read more

CHEYENNE- The Last of the Mohicans (Native American Song)

*Read please* I do NOT own neither the music nor the pictures in this video. The music rights are held by the band Cheyenne and the pictures are from Google. This video is made for entertainment. Band: Cheyenne Song name: The Last of the Mohicans Album: Vol1. The Last of the Mohicans I really like … Read more

Nirvana – Something In The Way (Live On MTV Unplugged Unedited, 1993)

Something In The Way performed by Nirvana, live on MTV Unplugged. Nevermind (30th Anniversary Edition) is available now: Commemorating the 30th anniversary of Nirvana’s seminal 1991 release, Nevermind is celebrated with the newly remastered album from the original analog tapes and 4 concerts from Amsterdam, Netherlands; Del Mar, California; Melbourne, Australia and Tokyo, Japan. … Read more



The FIRST #SpookyScarySunday in a year and you guys BROUGHT THE HEAT!! PLEASE check out more works from the ANIMATORS: Golden Arches (MeatCanyon): Pine Devil (David Romero): The Roommate (Llama Arts): College Horror (Llama Arts): EmojiHead (CryptTV): Join The Samurai ► That Twitter Tho? ► Facebook ► Instagram … Read more

I Am Moana (Song of the Ancestors) (From "Moana"/Audio Only)

Watch all Frozen 2 music videos featuring “Into the Unknown” here: 🌊🌊🌊 Stream Disney’s Moana on Disney+. Disney+ is the only place to stream your favorites from Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, National Geographic and more. Access it all in the US, Canada and the Netherlands at Watch all Moana music videos featuring … Read more


YOU WONT SLEEP AFTER WATCHING THESE DISTURBING & CURSED HORROR VIDEOS Donation Link – LEGENDARY MERCH IS HERE !!! : Horror Video Reactions Join the Legendry Army ► Follow the Twitter ► Follow Me On Twitch ► Make sure to join the Discord ► Kevin Macleod ► Outro … Read more

"Weird Al" Yankovic – Another One Rides the Bus

“We were pretty much scared out of our minds. I was straight out of college, and all of a sudden they were flying me out to New York to perform live on national tv – The Tomorrow Show with Tom Snyder. And I was wearing these horrible, crazy quilt velvet pants that a friend of … Read more

How the Europeans fought the Mongols – Medieval History DOCUMENTARY

#sponsored Use code POGKGSEPT16 for 16 FREE MEALS across 7 boxes + 3 surprise gifts at The Kings and Generals animated historical documentary series on Mongol History continues with a video explaining how the Europeans planned to fight and fought against Mongols. Our podcast on Mongol history – How the Mongol Empire Fell … Read more

3Tekk – Antarctica [Official Video]

3Tekk – Antarctica [Official Video]

Follow 3Tekk: @instagram: @Soundcloud: @Spotify: Buy or stream this Track here: Spotify: Amazon: Beatport: Apple Music: Deezer: #Techno #Electro #3Tekk #Music #Minimal #Deep #Emotional source

Me and Cristy Dancing on skinny rope in expedition Antarctica!


[ALL] Let's Go on a Dance Adventure with Pinkfong and Baby Shark | Compilation | Dance | Pinkfong

[ALL] Let's Go on a Dance Adventure with Pinkfong and Baby Shark | Compilation | Dance | Pinkfong

⭐️ [NEW CHANNEL] Subscribe 👶🏼 Bebefinn – Nursery Rhymes & Kids Songs ⭐️ Watch 🦈Baby Shark from 👶🏼 Bebefinn: Watch the 10 billion viewed Baby Shark Dance 🦈 ➡️ Let’s Go on a Dance Adventure with Pinkfong and Baby Shark! You’re watching Dance Adventure compilatoin, an educational and interactive series prepared to you … Read more

Antarctica | Thuppakki | Thalapathy Vijay | #shorts #harrisjayaraj #dance #trending #thuppakki

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02 The Nutcracker Suite, Opera 71A; Dance Of The Sugar Plum Fairy [Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky]

02 The Nutcracker Suite, Opera 71A; Dance Of The Sugar Plum Fairy [Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky]

[US] Title : The Nutcracker Suite, Opera 71A; Dance Of The Sugar Plum Fairy Composer : Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky Music : Leopold Stokowski (with the Philadelphia Orchestra) [FR] Titre : Casse-Noisette, Opéra 71A; Danse de la Fée Dragée Compositeur : Piotr Ilitch Tchaïkovski Musique : Leopold Stokowski (avec l’Orchestre de Philadelphie) Copyright : Disney Music … Read more


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