Top 10 Unsettling Historical Facts You Weren't Taught In School – Part 3

Top 10 Unsettling Historical Facts You Weren’t Taught In School – Part 3 Subscribe To Most Amazing Top 10: Subscribe To Most Amazing Top 10 Español: Most Recent Videos: We already know there are countless weird and disturbing things that have occurred throughout history. From binding books with human skin to grinding … Read more

Interesting Psychological Facts On Human Body | S*x & Love | Psychology Facts

Interesting Psychological Facts On Human Body | S*x & Love | Psychology Facts To have a better time in the bedroom click here👅🍆🍑 This channel features many psychological facts, quotes and sayings that range from love and relationships to self-improvement, motivation, interesting facts, health and wellness and much more. We hope you enjoy watching … Read more

11 Interesting Psychological Facts About Human Behavior

If you’re intrigued by human psychology, you’ll love these interesting psychological facts about human behavior! The way the mind functions has a lot to do with behaviour and personality. And while there are many unanswered questions still, we can better understand ourselves and others by learning about the fundamentals of human nature. These psychological facts … Read more

5 Fun Facts About Me!

I’m Kati Morton, a licensed therapist making Mental Health videos! #katimorton #therapist #therapy MY BOOK Are u ok? A Guide To Caring Your Mental Health JOURNALING CLUB Every Tuesday & Friday I post a journal prompt to help keep you motivated and working on yourself. Whether you add the prompts to your own journal … Read more

9 Strange Habits Only Smart People Have

Highly intelligent people share a lot of the same mannerisms and habits. But the surprising truth is, many of us probably wouldn’t be able to spot one in real life if we were just looking at the way they act in everyday life. Why? Well, because these odd habits highly intelligent people tend to have … Read more

DISTURBING Video Shows Desantis' Bogus "Voter Fraud" Arrests | The Kyle Kulinski Show

Support The Show On Patreon!: Subscribe to Krystal Kyle & Friends On Substack!: Follow Kyle on Twitter: Tweets by KyleKulinski “The first time I ever really listened to Kyle Kulinski’s show was in the back of a cab last summer. The driver had his phone hooked up through the stereo and was pumping … Read more

8 Weird facts about love that you probably don't know about..| Psychology Facts

8 Weird facts about love that you probably don’t know about..| Psychology Facts Thank you for watching. Disclaimer: The materials and the information available at this channel are intended for general and educational purposes only. All the videos, pictures and musics I use in my videos have a license that allows commercial use of them. … Read more

The Weirdest People In The World | Dr Joe Henrich

Get my new book ‘The Path of an Eagle: How To Overcome & Lead After Being Knocked Down’. ► Amazon US: ► Amazon AUS: ► Amazon UK: CONNECT WITH JAY & THE STORY BOX INSTAGRAM ► –  TWITTER ► –  FACEBOOK ► –  WEBSITE ► – LISTEN/SUBSCRIBE TO … Read more

Do THIS Everyday To Make Women Want You (Wouldn't You Like To Attract Women EASIER?)

Do THIS Everyday To Make Women Want You (Wouldn’t You Like To Attract Women EASIER?) Women can be hard to attract, the truth is, they size you up as soon as they notice you, ticking off good or bad boxes in their mental checklists. So let’s talk through some good daily habits to take on … Read more

Interrogation of an Idiot

“I told her, everything’s gonna be alright. And she believed me, man.” In today’s true crime documentary, we’re covering the case of the CCTV killer. VIDEO QUALIFICATIONS: The following interrogation has been analyzed by a qualified team, including a licensed attorney and former Criminal Prosecutor, a licensed clinical psychologist, and a former licensed professional counselor. … Read more

Mr Incredible Becoming Uncanny (Disturbing Facts 6) (2.5k Special)


15 Psychological Facts That Will Blow Your Mind

Herein we have compiled some of the most interesting psychological facts that will blow your mind! Human psychology explores the mind and behavior, and while there’s still a lot that we don’t know, there are some fascinating and surprising study findings about the secrets of the mind. This video provides insightful explanations to why yawns … Read more

Sarah's Suitcase

This is what a manipulative narcissist looks like. Also, excuse the audio quality on this one (allergy season) 🤧 All episodes Ad-free + exclusive perks @ source

5 weird facts about crushes|| psychology | facts | love | crushes facts||

#shorts Thanks for watching!! Please subscribe, like and comment!! psychology facts interesting facts psychology tricks facts about love psychological facts Love facts psychological facts about crushes fun facts about crushes Facts about crushes Shorts youtube shorts relationships relationship advice relationship tips Relationship psychological facts about love psychological facts about love and crushes crush facts Psychology … Read more

6 TINY Habits That Destroy Your Mental Health

You probably already know that not eating well, foregoing exercise, and lacking sleep worsen your mental state. But what about the less common factors? Here are a few tiny habits that destroy your mental health. DISCLAIMER: This video is for informative purposes only and is not intended to diagnose or treat any condition. Please reach … Read more

5 Things Marketers Should Do in Building Iconic Brands

This is straight talk talk from a marketer. I discuss 5 principles of building truly epic brands from my book “Branding Between The Ears – Using Cognitive Science to Build Lasting Customer Connections.” See also In the book I describe how you can use the latest advances in behavioral science and social psychology to … Read more

Scary Facts About Life | Life Facts | Psychology Facts

Scary Facts About Life | Life Facts | Psychology Facts #shorts #facts #life Want To Improve Your Relationships? Women Click Here ➡️ ➡️ Men Click Here ➡️ ➡️ source

Positive Psychology – Way of Happiness

The beginning of the 21 st century brought the rise of a very different field of psychology. As opposed to other fields of psychology, rather than fixing what is wrong, it focuses on building on what is right. It stopped asking altogether ‘What is wrong with the person?’ and started asking ‘What is right?’. It … Read more

This is how FEAR and SHAME kill your mental health goals!

Fear and shame are two of the most common emotions responsible for sabotaging our progress and wellbeing and in this video I will explain why they can fuel negative thinking, low self esteem, anxiety and even addiction issues. Social Media: source

The Most Sickening Interrogation You'll Ever See

“It came out and I thought it was poop, and then it wasn’t…” In today’s true crime documentary, we’re covering the case of Alexis Avila. VIDEO QUALIFICATIONS: The following interrogation has been analyzed by a qualified team, including a licensed attorney and former criminal prosecutor, a licensed clinical psychologist, a psychologist trainee, and an individual … Read more

Top 10 Historical Facts So BIZARRE They Sound Fake

Top 10 Historical Facts So BIZARRE They Sound Fake Subscribe To Most Amazing Top 10: Most Recent Videos: So many things have happened since the beginning of time, that it’s hard to keep track. Some moments are definitely too weird to be real, but they did in fact happen. From strange traditions of … Read more

What are the top ten most obscure facts you know in psychology ?


Tips and Tricks

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5 Weird Facts about Smell – Epic Science #55

Whether or not we know it, we’re carrying a database of smells around with us at all times — on our bodies, in our hair, in our clothing. Find out how smell operates on the invisible level, permeating every aspect of life with these five facts. Subscribe | Homepage | Listen to us … Read more

Life Hacks

💫 * * * * * Welcome to my us.modern-technology channel and you are very lucky.On this channel you will find modern technology videos. 💯***💯 (SUBSCRIBE_MY_CHANNEL) 💯***💯 (“Top 5, top 10, inventions, gadgets, technology, tech, review, list, amazing inventions you must see, you won’t believe exist, inventions you must have, things that actually exist, amazing … Read more

The Disturbing Case of the Child Killer

Thank you PDS Debt for sponsoring this video. Right now you can go to to get a completely free credit report! “I put the sippy cup in her bed…” In today’s JCS inspired crime documentary we will uncover the case of Jhenea Pratt, who was found guilty in connection with her own daughter’s death. … Read more

Neuromarketing: The new science of consumer decisions | Terry Wu | TEDxBlaine

Dr. Wu received his Master’s degree in Neuroscience from Duke University and earned his Ph.D. in Neuroscience at Vanderbilt University, focusing on research into learning and memory. He then began a 20-year career in Neuroscience at the University of Minnesota. He built one of the first two local marketing firms that specialize in Search Engine … Read more

Why I Love Great Britain In early December 2021 asked by a major British newspaper to write some words reflecting on my recent two-week visit to the UK. I had been invited, then disinvited, to Cambridge University in 2019, when I had planned and made arrangements to participate in a seminar on the Book of Exodus, to help me … Read more

David Bowie's OMICRON Message From The Past!

David Bowie immortalised himself into digital form to tell you an important message… WTF is going on?! SUPPORT THE CHANNEL: EXCLUSIVE VIDEOS // MEMBERSHIP: The Sovereign Artist (COURSE): Follow me on ODYSEE: SUPPORT ME ON PATREON (thank you!) DISCORD: INSTAGRAM: @thoughtsonthinking source

The Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows

THE BOOK IS HERE from Simon & Schuster: Amazon or get the AUDIOBOOK, read by the author: Barnes & Noble;jsessionid=47C1D83572900DFA5C2742824B025B88.prodny_store02-atgap17?ean=9781501153648&st=AFF&2sid=Simon%20&%20Schuster_7567305_NA&sourceId=AFFSimon%20&%20Schuster — Special note to my subscribers: Thank you all for your patience. In the last couple years I had already been hard at work writing the book, but then life happened: … Read more

5 Weird Facts about Seeing Red – Epic Science #47

You’ve probably heard people say that they were so angry that they saw red. Or maybe you’ve noticed that the sleekest, curviest sports cars are usually scarlet-colored. So why would this one color come to represent such a wide-ranging duality, everything from eroticism and courage to and anger and brutality? And do bulls really respond … Read more

An Introduction to Paranormal Psychology – with Chris French

Do ghosts exist? Is there any evidence for the paranormal? With millions believing in paranormal phenomena, it must either exist or be explained by psychological factors. Chris French introduces the field of anomalistic psychology, which aims to provide non-paranormal, scientific explanations of the seemingly unexplainable. Watch the Q&A here: Ever since records began, in … Read more

😱Most Weird "Sleeping Beauty Syndrome"#short #shorts #atulpasi #facts #syndrome

😱Most Weird “Sleeping Beauty Syndrome” #short #shorts #atulpasi #facts #syndrome for More Interesting Video’s Subscribe to My Channel !!❤ Your Queries :- 😱Most Weird “Sleeping Beauty Syndrome” Sleeping Beauty Syndrome Kleine-Levin Syndrome Most Weird Disorder ★★Share This Information to All your friends & family’s !! ☆♧Coming With lots More Videos and Interesting facts !♤☆ Increase … Read more

Why Clothes Matter

The clothes we choose to wear constitute some of our most crucial and carefully chosen lines of autobiography. If you like our films, take a look at our shop (we ship worldwide): Join our mailing list: Or visit us in person at our London HQ FURTHER READING “Once, we were all dressed … Read more

11 Odd Habits Highly Intelligent People Have

You may already know about some habits highly intelligent people have. But are you messy, like to stay up late, or swear a lot? Believe it or not, smart people have these weird habits and many more. When thinking of someone with a high IQ, most often, a scientist, a mathematician, or a creative genius … Read more


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6 Shocking Psychological Facts About Sex

A lot of you enjoyed our first video on the psychological facts about sex. So we made part two! You’d likely be surprised to hear these facts. If you haven’t watched part one, here’s the link: Writer: Michal Mitchell Script Editor & Manager: Kelly Soong VO: Amanda Silvera Animator: Zyan Méndez ( YouTube Manager: … Read more

The Disturbing Case of Jeremy Elbertson (Jerma985) – Criminal Psychology

Original video by: u/HyzerJAK The Disturbing Case of Jeremy Elbertson – Criminal Psychology from jerma985 source

Modern Trends in Psychology

This talk show has covered all the latest trends related to Rehabilitation Psychology. The expert Dr Neerja from Amity University has explained all major and minor sub-topics in a very simplified and detailed way. She is also a writer and professor at Amity University and shaped the lives of thousands of young budding psychologists from … Read more

interesting facts about boys | Psychological facts | Part-1 || Facts World ||

What is Psychology :- Psychology is the science of mind and behavior. Psychology includes the study of conscious and unconscious phenomena, as well as feelings and thought. It is an academic discipline of immense scope, crossing the boundaries between the natural and social sciences. Psychologists seek an understanding of the emergent properties of brains, linking … Read more

💀Creepy facts you didn't know😱

theses are true :’) hope you enjoy the facts. source

28 Female Psychology Secrets Women WISH More Men Knew (Shocking Facts About Women)

Let’s explore some facts about women’s brains that EVERY man should know! In today’s video we’re going to learn about some interesting facts about female psychology and the way their brains work and more! If you enjoy our videos on psychology facts about women and our collection of videos on dating tips and advice then … Read more

2021 Top Ten Trends in Psychology

From psychology’s role in policing to addressing the national mental health crisis, we’re counting down the top 10 trends in psychology to watch in 2021. __________________________________ The American Psychological Association is the leading scientific and professional organization representing psychology in the United States, with more than 118,000 researchers, educators, clinicians, consultants and students as its … Read more

top facts about human psychology

#psychology #facts #fact #psychologyfacts #psychologist #readhuman #read human top facts about human psychology To know about a person psychology is very important. You can know many things about a person by their habits. We Have selected top 20 psychological facts tat can tell many tin about a person Have a look : In this video … Read more

Top 5 Strange Facts About Dreams

Top 5 Weird Facts About Dreams Subscribe: Everyone dreams, but not everyone dreams the same way! You know when you have an incredibly vivid dreams but can’t remember anything about it when you wake up? Why is that? Did you know that not everyone dreams in color? You can’t read while dreaming, or tell … Read more

Your happiness is proportionate to the rate in which you are realizing your most important goal

What’s up! I am the founder a 5-person digital marketing agency serving clients in the US & Canada (business link in channel description). This playlist documents my final months before finishing school forever. I am a huge believer in the minimal viable product, and just STARTING. That is exactly what I did about a year … Read more