Horse Md Salty about Chris Bumstead + Will Roelly comeback after Surgery ? Quinton Switches to Matt

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Katy Perry – Dark Horse (Official) ft. Juicy J

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The Horse Dancer

One of America’s most promising young gymnasts, Samantha Wick, is also one of the hardest girls to get along with. When she is cut from the Olympic team she decides to follow her dreams of horseback riding by joining a girls horse camp. With rumors of the camp having to shut down because of financial … Read more

Unicorn queen ! Elsa & Anna toddlers – fantastical horse friends

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The Bizarre History of Horse Diving

In the late 1800’s, as the working class came more into their own and had a little bit of discretionary funds, they wanted to be entertained. So it became an emerging thing to seek amusement. Movies. A dance hall. The circus. Vaudeville. They all became very popular attractions. However, one of the most popular sources … Read more

trailer spoga horse TOP INNOVATIONS 2021

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Chapter Fourteen: The Horse Dance

This audio recording is designed to assist in the literacy learning of ELL high school students as they read Black Elk Speaks. Selected music: “Look at this (remix)” by Halluci Nation “Lakota Horse Dance Song” by Spur Pourier Notes on Pourier’s song: The song is called a four directions song, even though 6 directions are … Read more

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When a Cowboy Died, His Horse Did Something Strange at the Funeral Was

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A Horse With No Name – America (Lyrics)

“A Horse with No Name” is a song written by Dewey Bunnell and originally recorded by the band America. It was the band’s first and most successful single, released in early 1972, topping the charts in several countries. It was certified gold by the Recording Industry Association of America. source

Weird things that I do in hrt when I’m bored || horse riding tales

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Olympic Runner vs US Navy Veteran: FITNESS HORSE!

Austen Alexander is a US Navy Veteran with over 780,000 subscribers on YouTube. But can he beat me in the gym? Find out in this video as we trade blows in an epic game of fitness H.O.R.S.E. And make sure to check out Austen’s channel after this video! Shoot me a DM on Instagram! … Read more

Il cavallo del bambino – Canzoni per bambini di Coccole Sonore

Iscriviti al canale per ricevere tutti gli aggiornamenti:

Un simpatico video animato sulla base della famosissima canzoncina “Il cavallo del bambino”, da ascoltare e ballare con i propri piccoli! Buon divertimento!

Divertiti con altre canzoncine per bambini:
– L’elefante si dondolava
– La bella lavanderina
– Il coccodrillo come fa
– Whiskey il ragnetto
– Se sei felice
– Ninna Nanna oh
– Stella Stellina
– La danza del serpente
– La canzone dei giorni della settimana
– Fra Martino campanaro

Ecco il testo della canzoncina:
Voce: Elisa Rossetti

Il cavallo del bambino
Va pianino, va pianino
Il cavallo del vecchietto
Va zoppetto, va zoppetto
Il caval del signorino
Va lentino, va lentino
Il caval del giovanotto
Va di trotto va di trotto
Il caval del signorotto
Va al galoppo al galoppo
Il caval del mio compare
Come il vento sa volare
Il cavallo che va alla guerra?
…patapumfete tutti giù
…patapumfete tutti giù
per terra!

Scopri sul nostro sito tutti i testi e le curiosità delle canzoncine e filastrocche più amate dai bambini, clicca qui:
Coccole Sonore Tv è una web tv pensata per i bambini e le loro famiglie, per scoprire cantando il mondo che li circonda. Qui troverete tante canzoncine animate: su musiche tradizionali e popolari, ma anche una sezione dedicata all’apprendimento dei più piccoli.
Seguici e resta aggiornato sulle nostre pagine, scoprirai tutte le novità in arrivo!



Le canzoncine di Coccole Sonore sono disponibili anche su iTunes:

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Native Americans : Great Chiefs, Great Warriors …… Words Of Wisdom ……( Buddha Bar music )

Native Americans : Great Chiefs, Great Warriors …… Words Of Wisdom ……(Buddha Bar music) words of men of courage. dignity and respect, spoken in the times of Tired hearts broken, when the lands of their forefathers were looted, dreams of freedom in captivity. Plains turned into a reservation. And displaced from their land to the … Read more

Kim Jong-un rides horse in bizarre North Korea propaganda video on 'hardships of 2021'

NORTH Korea’s state-run television KRT broadcast a documentary film titled “The Great Year of Victory, 2021,” on Tuesday (February 1). The 110-minute film chronicled a series of achievements by North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un throughout the past year, including on missile development, construction and efforts to beat the pandemic. The narrator repeatedly lauded such … Read more

Kim Jong Un rides Horse bizarre North Korea propaganda video on hardships of 2021.

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Neil Young & Crazy Horse – A Band A Brotherhood A Barn (Official Documentary)

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TOY HUNT with ELSA & CINDERELLA toddlers ! Lots of toys and dolls ! Playing

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Cake lene pahuche horse par

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Native American – Horse Tail Dance

The Horse Tail Dance is performed by Gary Wis-Ki-Ge-Amatyuk Jr. and his family comes from the Prairie Band Indian reservation in Kansas. The singer is Scott With Horn who is a Lakota Sioux and his family comes from the Crow Creek Reservation in Fort Thompson, South Dakota. Gary’s website: Gary’s Youtube channel: source

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Zoolion/#shorts |Animal Planet| Forests |Education| Animal lovers |funny |wildearth |WAPanimals,PUBG

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Five Bizarre Facts About Horses

We pride ourselves on knowing a lot about the animals we love. But it might intrigue you to learn a thing or two about our equine partners that are surprising, fascinating, and bizarre. Here are our top five bizarre facts. source

The Smashing Pumpkins – Pale Horse – Oceania (NEW Album)

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American Indian Rap – Smart Songs

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Wild Horse "Round Dance" – Hand Drum Song

Tsuu T’ina 2012 Pow Wow w/ Wild Horse “Round Dance” hand drum song. — Shot & Cut by Wally B. Tangible Images 2012 TYJ — Opps! I just noticed it. It should “Your”, not “You’re”. Ooops. This whiteman’s language is so complex. LOL source

How To Play America – Horse With No Name

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Cueca Horse dance Chile

Cueca (Spanish pronunciation: [ˈkweka]) is a family of musical styles and associated dances from Argentina, Chile and Bolivia. In Chile, the cueca holds the status of national dance, where it was officially selected on September 18, 1979. source

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Funny Creepy Horse Head Latex Mask Face Rubber Mask for Halloween Festival

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Superior’s Classic Beauty – Playtime Stables jumping clinic June 2009

Hi guys, so this is an old video of Superior’s Classic Beauty (Bea) jumping in a clinic probably 10 years ago. we had an awesome weekend Bea would have been able to go higher no doubt had she had a more confident rider. Consider contributing to us to help make these videos better, we would … Read more

5 Interesting Facts About Horses || घोड़ो के बारे में 5 रोचक तथ्य #shorts #facts #horse

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Weird things about sea horse |amazing facts | interesting facts | #shorts

weird things about sea horse| amazing facts |interesting facts | #shorts #youtubeshorts #viralshorts #amazingfacts #shortsvideo subscribe our channel for more information videos #Born4Explore Thanks for watching this video ❤️❤️❤️ source

Bizarre finish to a horse race at Ascot!

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