The Goblin Dance? On Drums? This Video Is Weird…

I… I just… Um… What? (Also, I totally got jebaited… I thought it was the real theme… LOL) — COME WATCH LIVE ON TWITCH! 😀 Mon, Tues, Fri and Sat at 4:30 EST! GET CONNECTED! Twitch | Twitter | Instagram | Facebook | Business Email | MERCH! #The8BitDrummer … Read more

Top 12 Phil Collins Drumming Moments (ft. "Easy Lover" | "In The Air Tonight" | Brand X, and more!)

Phil Collins belongs to a rare group. Only a handful of drummers have become household names both on AND off the drums. (A group that includes drumming royalty like Dave Grohl, Don Henley, and Ringo Starr). And despite all his success as a bonafide pop star, Phil Collins has remained true to his drumming roots: … Read more

Jr and Sr Native American Women Dance @Omak 2010

Honor the sacred. Honor the Earth, our Mother. Honor the Elders. Honor all with whom we share the Earth:- Four-leggeds, two-leggeds, winged ones, Swimmers, crawlers, plant and rock people. Walk in balance and beauty. Native American Elder Go Forward With Courage When you are in doubt, be still, and wait; when doubt no longer exists … Read more

[Ancestor Codes] – Tribal Ambient Music – Shamanic Drumming – Deep Dive Soundscape – Healing Rhythms

[Ancestor Codes] – Tribal Ambient Music – Shamanic Drumming – Deep Dive Soundscape – Healing Rhythms

Ancestor Codes is music to help awaken deep self knowledge. From the soles of your feet to the spirit enfolding this “I.” May this deep dive soundscape carry you on Tribal Ambient Healing Rhythms. Shamanic Drumming with flutes, percussive instruments, atmospheric soundscapes, chants and sounds of the night. All music is composed in 432 Hz. … Read more

5 Latin Grooves Every Drummer Should Know (Juan Carlito Mendoza)

Faster Hands & Feet (in 10 days) ► The Ultimate Drumming Toolbox ► Are you a working drummer who doesn’t often play latin but wants to make sure you can get through the gig if you get the call? Juan Mendoza is here to save the day with five cool latin grooves every drummer … Read more

Trance Drumming | Native American drums | Powerful Shaman Magical Meditation | Hypnotic prayer

Drumming is a form of prayer Shamanic drum meditation is a very active form of meditation which is all about contentment. By using the shamanic drum we can induced heightened states of awareness . Our ability to enter trance states is a natural manifestation of the human consciousness. Enjoy this powerful drumming and let your … Read more

Asante Kete – UMass Dartmouth Kekeli West African Drum and Dance Ensmble

Kete – royal court music of Asante, Ghana Adaban, Abofoo, Dabrebua, Takyiman UMass Dartmouth Kekeli West African Drum and Dance Ensmble Led by Master Drummer Saeed Abbas and royal hartigan December 6th, 2012 source

Native American Shoshone Paiute Indian signing – Round Dance

1997 – Walter Hanson, Death Valley – Bishop California – Yerington Nevada Shoshone-Paiute Native American Indian singing Great Basin Round Dance songs as Paiutes, Shoshones, and Washoes dance the Round Dance. This is the old style of Great Basin singing. The second song is about a “Shoshone Boy”. Alec Shepard Paiute announcer. Western California Shoshone. … Read more

Our American Indian Children Dance with Pride.


South African folk music: Drumming

Interpretation of a zulu folk dance that originates from the province of Limpopo, South Africa. Done by Themba Njilo Foundation, based in Ulundi, Kwazulu, South Africa. Recorded in Barcelinhos, Portugal, on 31/07/2016. Bailes sudafricanos zulús orixinarios da provincia de Limpopo e interpertados polo grupo da Fundación Themba Njilo, de Kwazulu. Gravado en Barcelinhos, Portugal, … Read more

Jojo's bizarre adventure – Giorno's theme – drum remix

Jojo’s bizarre adventure – Giorno’s theme – drum remix Hello there beautiful people of youtube ! I hope you’re all doing well ! As some of you know, I am a huge fan of memes. I look at memes and share them all the time. I’ve been watching a lot of youtube memes compilation and … Read more

Free African music – download mp3

Free African music: Download the mp3 for free from the link above. See our other videos for more free African music downloads. Visit for all you need to know about the djembe and African drumming Facebook: Twitter: 10 Cool African Sayings with African drumming music by Afrodrumming African Font by Gina … Read more

Drums Didge Dance – African tequila dance music by Ariel Kalma from album Didgeridoo Trance Dance 2 – physical CD – iTunes – Google Play Track 4 from album Didgeridoo Trance Dance 2: All kinds of drums and percussion spice rhythmic ululations of a didgeridoo. A strange lap guitar brings an African tequila mood to the mix. Album description: A one hour dance party of unusual beats: didgeridoo ululations … Read more

Gowan Break Beat – Oceania Drum Break HQ

Drum Breaks from my personal collection recorded from VINYL to .WAV format. Please Check out my other BEAT MAKING VIDEOS & BEAT TAPES etc… Enjoy these Drums as a Resource for Music Production or for your Listening Pleasure. source

African dance – Malian rhythm Birea Dansa

WADOMA’s interpretation of the popular Malian dance called Birea Dansa, featuring Paddy Cassidy and Yaya Kambaye on djembe and special guest Keba Diabate on kora. source

Northern Cree Singers Saturday Grass Dance Song @ Shakopee Powwow 2017

Click here: Click to Subscribe: Northern Cree Singers Saturday Grass Dance Song @ Shakopee Powwow 2017 Check out more cool videos at our website where we share the top videos in the world related to our beautiful powwow culture of song and dance. #powwow #GrassDance #NorthernCree #NativeAmerican #PowwowTimes Click here: source

Powwow Times Native American Dance Troupe | Toronto Ontario

Need performers? Call us at 403-800-4125 or email Powwow Times Native American Dance Troupe | Toronto Ontario For bookings email Check out more cool videos at our website where we share the top videos in the world related to our beautiful powwow culture of song and dance. #powwow #2016 #singing #NativeAmerican #PowwowTimes Click … Read more

West African Drum & Dance, Yankadi-Makru

West African Dance and Drum Performance of Yankadi with a bit of Makru at the end. All drumming and dance choreography by Senegalese Master Dancer/Teacher Lamine Thiam (seen here on lead djembe) for a unique special event. Also, featuring Feed The Fire World Musicians: Ari Marsh on dununs, and Nandan Powell on djembe. Special thanks … Read more

Native American Indian Culture – stick toss game – Omak

You take four sticks and color one a “sun stick (draw four suns on it)” and another a “four directions (draw four arrows on it pointing different directions)” and another the “rain stick (draw three horizontal lines in the middle and three blue dots on each side of the lines)” and the last a “lightning … Read more

Didadee Love Chants: Mali West African Drumming Songs and Dance MUSIC OF MALI: DIDADEE Featuring Sumba Togola and Friends This is Didadee Love Chants: Mali West African Drumming Songs and Dance The music for this CD was made at Centre Togola, the local community center, run by director Kareem Togola. It is located outside Sabalibougou. source

1996- West African "Talking Drum" – Live West African Talking_drum performed so masterfully and captured by my camera while taping a documentary on Musa M’boob a well known African drummer & Griot, who has gone on to make a name now on the world stage- If you enjoy my programming- tell your friend’s and Welcome to joelsamuelpresents source

Guinea Africa Wali Sub-Sahara Dance and Drum Beats 2011

African dances and music especially in the sub-Sahara region is a very important element in the social fabric of the community. The drumming and dancing are the heartbeat of the community and provide a sense of pride, serve a religious function, tell the community story and the beats and rhythms touch the heart and soul … Read more

Little Drummer Boy (African Tribal Version) – Alex Boye' ft. Genesis Choir

Download “Little Drummer Boy” (free or pay what you want) SUBSCRIBE TO MY CHANNEL FOR EXCLUSIVE VIDEO UPDATES! I get excited for Christmas. It’s a great time to reconnect with family & friends. This year however, I have been thinking more about those who are not looking forward to christmas., because of family … Read more

Traditional malian dance#west african dance, mali drum&dance

Traditional malin dance.west african dance. mali drum& is very beautiful dance for malian.west African people.mali dance.african dance music.african dance. African djembe&drumming.african drums.african traditional dance songs.african moves.west African dance.mali drums&dance. #traditional#mali#africa#africandance#bamako#dance#djembe#westafrica#drums#music#song#dj#african please subscribers my YouTube channel. source

"Agbekor Vulolo" by the Nukporfe African Dance-drumming Ensemble May 5, 2011

Performance of the Vulolo (Processional) from the Ewe dance Agbekor, at Anderson Center, Binghamton University on May 5, 2011. Note: sometimes this dance is called “Slow Agbekor” in English. source


Sumthin’ simple for you. GEAR I USE: Vic Firth 5A Gospel Chops Sticks Vic Firth Questlove Signature Sticks Stagg Fab Drum Kit Mapex Black Panther Snare Drum Meinl Byzance 13″ Extra Dry Medium Hi Hats Meinl Byzance 16″ Extra Dry Thin Crash Meinl Byzance 18″ Vintage Sand Thin Crash Meinl Byzance 8″ Traditional Splash Meinl … Read more

Cook Island Dance 2018 Rarotonga

Cook Island Songs 2018 same as Cook Island Dancing fast beat solo and drumming with ukulele songs quite popular in Cook Islands specially in Rarotonga – capital of Cook Islands music. Comparing with Samoan dance Cook Island dance have a difference. Rarotonga is main island of Cook Islands where indigenous people like drumming and dancing. … Read more

Native American Indian Sleep Music Navajo Drumming Beats for Meditation Studying and Deep Relaxation

Native American Indian Sleep Music Navajo Drumming Beats for Meditation Studying and Deep Relaxation. Please play this video with a lower volume setting. This track entitled “Navajo Night” from composer and arranger Jason Shaw from is categorized under a Meditative Genre with a slow tempo producing a calming, and relaxing, mood. The benefits of … Read more

Sacred Dance: Native American Flute and Drums Music for Tribal Shamanic Drumming Meditations

► Get your full album on iTunes: ► Join my website Shamanic Music created by “Native American Flute” for Lucid Dreaming and Inner Meditation, Shamanic Drums for Spiritual Healing and Ethnic Music with Ocarina and Native American Flute ► Social medias: Facebook: Twitter:, Pinterest:, Google+: MeditationRelaxClub, the world of … Read more

DW Drum Shell Innovations Webinar with John Good & Thomas Lang

We here at DW are always searching for new and creative ways to offer drummers more sound possibilities from their drums. We know our ever-expanding and customizable menu can get a bit confusing, so John Good brought Thomas Lang into the studio to help explain the differences and technology behind our vast array of drum … Read more

The Real Rudiments Of Drumming – Drum Lesson (Drumeo)

Learn Drums Here: Free Lessons: Our Favorite Music Products: Faster Hands & Feet (in 10 days) ► Learn all 40 drum rudiments: ► The word “rudiment” is defined as the most basic element of any subject. When you take a look at all 40 drum rudiments, you’ll notice that most of … Read more