SCARY Videos That Gave Me Chicken Skin – Nuke's Top 5

Looking at the scariest YouTube Channels. Nuke’s Top 5 Socials: Twitter: Instagram: TikTok: Merch: Discord: My friends: Mully: Juicy: Josh: Narrator: Gabriela: Edited by: Oli B source

Chickens and Guineas Lay Eggs in Weird Places

I found this egg in a very precarious place last night. I couldn’t wait until morning to show everyone!! I also offered another egg to my broody hen. I can’t wait to see what the babies look like when they hatch! source

WOW! 11 NEW Gadgets from TikTok for Girls and Boys *Brother and Sister Struggles*

Comparing gifts for boys and girls! Which ones are the most viral on social media?👫 There are things that boys’ gadgets can do but that girls’ gadgets can’t, and vice versa.🔥 For example, boys’ gadgets can’t have you transforming into a hairdresser using clay, and girls’ gadgets can’t transform into Transformers robots. We also have … Read more

Chicken Little was weird…

Today we sat down and watch Disney’s Chicken Little! This highly requested movie is something we’ve all seen as kids, but does it hold up? Why is fish on the spaceship? What is Ugly Duckling’s real name? How did Chicken Little’s mom die? Is Buck Cluck really THAT bad? And there was a chicken little … Read more

J.Geco – Chicken Dance

The age of the Chicken is back! This project took a whole year to be conceived, written, produced and refined, from music and storyboard to environments to animations. All made by 3 people! So my huge thanks goes to my small but amazing team: Daniele Trebeschi, Unreal Engine final boss Giuseppe Manfredi, Chicken animator and … Read more

The CREEPY VIDEO found in THE BACKROOMS – How Do They Get Out?? Cheesy Chicken + Nuclear Mukbang

This episode is brought to you by Hulu. Ready to stream some Crime stories? Learn more at It’s a Crime not to Stream. The CREEPY VIDEO found in THE BACKROOMS – How Do They Get Out?? Cheesy Chicken + Nuclear Mukbang ❤️ ROTTEN MANGO PODCAST: For cases that are too dark to post here: … Read more

4 Meals to Cook at Your Desk — Itaki Electric Lunchboxes Gadget Test

Itaki’s portable electric lunchboxes combine convenience with freshly cooked food right at your desk. Imagine cooking your lunch while you work! Itaki kindly sent me the Itaki Pro and the Shabuki Pot and I’ll be making 4, easy make-at-your-desk-while-you-work recipes to see if they’re worth all the hype. Learn more and get your own Itaki … Read more

3 True Popeyes Chicken Horror Stories Animated

3 TRUE POPEYES CHICKEN HORROR STORIES ANIMATED #popeyes #scary #IMR These are POPEYES horror stories. Do enjoy and leave a like. Story 1 & 3 written by Aritri Story 2 written by Gustavo Male Narration by Luke Female Narration by Molly source

Baby John's Chicken Dance | Little Angel Nursery Rhymes & Kids Songs

Baby John puts his little chicken costume and gets ready for the animal costume party at the daycare. He shakes his little chicken tail and learns how to do the chicken dance. #littleangel #littleangelnurseryrhymes #babyjohnsongs (🔔) Subscribe to Little Angel for new videos ►► List of Kids Songs; 00:04 Little Chickadee Song 03:36 Face … Read more

Chicken Song Vs Crazy Frog Vs Pikachu Vs Alien Dance | Tiles Hop 'Custom Level' | BeastSentry

Chicken Song Vs Crazy Frog Vs Pikachu Vs Alien Dance | Tiles Hop ‘Custom Level’ | BeastSentry Hi guys. I am Beast Sentry. Welcome back in a brand new video. In this video I am playing Tiles Hop – Chicken Song Vs Crazy Frog Vs Pikachu Vs Alien Dance This is a music game. Please … Read more


Amelia meets Kojey Radical for a date in a chicken shop Director: Amelia Dimoldenberg Producer: Georgie Goadsby  Executive Producer: Liv West and Amelia Dimoldenberg   Co-writer: Hazi Adamu Cam A: Jack Ayers Cam B: Tayo Yusef Sound Op: Rory Cargill Editor: Joe Bolger                                     Conform: Lewis Ashley Colourist: Ruth Wardell and Fraser Twitchett @ Okay Studio Sound … Read more

The Long, Weird Trip of the Volkswagen Bus | Up To Speed

Thank you to Gran Turismo 7 for sponsoring today’s episode! Gran Turismo 7, Rated E for Everyone, is out now for Playstation 4 and Playstation 5. The game is the latest installment in a franchise that many people consider the absolute pinnacle of automotive video games, and – no surprise– it’s been getting rave reviews … Read more


Is this the best way to cook chicken? Was it even worth travelling 100 kms for? What is Murg Purlu? Find out in this episode of Dhoka Khana Pahiyo Pe. Address – Kotkapura Rd, Balbir Basti, Faridkot, Punjab 151203 Google Maps Link – source

How to Make Old-Fashioned Chicken Noodle Soup and Beer-Batter Cheese Bread

Host Julia Collin Davison makes Old-Fashioned Chicken Noodle Soup, and Toni Tipton-Martin talks about the restorative properties of chicken soup. Ingredient expert Jack Bishop explores the world of broths. Christie Morrison makes Beer-Batter Cheese Bread. And from the Recipe Box, Morgan Bolling whips up Make-Ahead Hot Chocolate and Lawman Johnson makes Spinach Salad with Gorgonzola … Read more

I Gave My Fire Ants A Chicken Head

Click here to SUBSCRIBE: Check out & subscribe to my NEW DAILY VLOGS: I gave my pet fire ants a raw chicken head for Christmas, and the outcome was pretty intense! Watch as the Fire Nation, my massive pet ant colony of many years, devours this enormous chunk of meat, and proves to … Read more

Taste our creation, Chicken coconut curry and pasta

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Delhi Style Butter Chicken | Murgh Makhani | Old and Classic Recipe – WrapStory

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CG5 – why did the chicken cross the road? (Official Audio)

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Bella Poarch Chicken Wing Remix – BENJIx As Seen On TikTok

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Blackfoot (Blackfeet) Indian Dancers – 2016 NM State Fair – Chicken Dance, Eagle

Blackfoot (Blackfeet) Indian Dancers – 2016 NM State Fair source

33 Bizarre Foods That People Actually Eat

While traveling, it’s important to sample the local cuisine. After all, what’s a trip to Paris worth without a delicious crêpe? Or Japan without some super fresh sushi? Or, if you’re more adventurous, you can chow down on some of these stranger options found around the world. 01. Dragonfly 02. Starfish 03. Kangaroo Meat 04. … Read more

What Men Get Wrong About Going Down on Women – April Macie

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1KG SIMPLE DUM BIRYANI RECIPE ft. Best Rice Brand for Biryani

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Lab Grown Meat| Top Scientific Breakthrough Researches and Inventions| Scientists and Experiments

This Video is about a Breakthrough Experiment called Lab Grown Meat which is grown from Single cell of animal and grown in Lab Environment. This was invented by scientists on 2020. This Meat is now used in Singapore , Malaysia and so on. We don’t need to kill any animals to get this Meat. source

Watching Scary Videos! I'm A Chicken Nugget… | Rachel Funchess

PLEASE click on Settings – Quality – 1080p for best viewing experience…okay awesome! Thank you SO MUCH for watching my video and checking out the description box! Your love and support means more than you know! I have a bunch of random things and links down here, so if you are looking for any info, … Read more

Funny video🤣🤣🤣Childish guy challenges Stuff chicken nuggets in your mouth! | BIZARRE FOODS EATER

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Making weird faces and singing songs in the gym 😂

For online coaching email at – Important Links – Buy any Genuine Supplements from NUTRABAY – Link – The Supplements I use – Coupon code – MOHITBISHT for 10% off from * Protein – * Pre workout – * Intra workout – * Creatine – My Camera Gear … Read more

Healthy Herbed Chicken Marsala! Women over 40! Fitness With Sharon!

Healthy Herbed Chicken Marsala! Women over 40! Fitness With Sharon! Recognizing that fitness requires a balance of exercise and healthy eating, here’s a healthy and delicious Herbed Chicken Marsala you can make for a great meal. Please SUBSCRIBE to my YouTube Channel. Whether it’s strength training or cardio for women over 40, or any age … Read more

Chicken with Cashew Nuts | A Classic Chinese Recipe | Easy Chinese Recipes Whether its Fried Rice or Pasta you always need a nice juicy curry to top and dress. I usually prefer to spread Chicken Cashew Nut, one of my favorite Chinese Cuisine. This recipe was on my list to cook and here comes the time, I thought Why Shouldn’t I share it with my friends … Read more

Top 5 Greatest Inventions In The World

When it comes to inventions man has been inventing since a long time. Some of the greatest inventors are Alexander Graham Bell, Leonardo Da Vinci, The Wright Brothers and Thomas Alva Edison. Here is a look at the Top5 greatest inventions by man. For more such amazing updates Log on & Subscribe to source

Old Fashion Hamburger With A Twist Recipe

Old Fashion Hamburger With A Twist Recipe I just love my hamburgers and I have to say that I have been avoiding them as much as possible because while being on a diet I just have no choice but to control what I eat. So in this recipe I came up with a recipe that … Read more

చికెన్ తింటున్నారా అయితే మీరు తప్పక ఈ విషయం తెలుసుకోండి | Shocking Facts Behind Chicken |Telugu Wall

eatingchicken చికెన్ తింటున్నారా అయితే మీరు తప్పక ఈ విషయం తెలుసుకోండి | Shocking Facts Behind Chicken |Telugu Wall My 2nd … source