How to do nail art at home diy nail tutorial #shorts #viral

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Vintage dress | Designing clothes day-30 #shorts #art #fashion #1950s #vintage #dress #gothic

Vintage dress | Designing clothes day-30 Hello! I’m Nirvanya from Indonesia, and i’ve started a challenge for myself to draw clothing designs for everyday, for 356 days, no matter how bad the drawing turns out to be. Wish me luck! source

Art Gallery Owner Caught Spraying Homeless Woman with Hose Charged with Battery

A San Francisco art gallery owner was arrested and charged with battery after a video surfaced showing him spraying a homeless California woman with a hose. The Law&Crime Network’s Jesse Weber breaks it down with Reverend Amos Brown, president of the local chapter of the NAACP. Listen to Law&Crime’s Sidebar Podcast on Apple & Spotify: … Read more


As a way to say THANK YOU for your support and to celebrate the film’s 3-year anniversary, here are a few Fun Facts you may have missed about Klaus. How many of these did you catch? Let us know in the comments. Enjoy! #TheSPAStudios #Klaus #FunFacts #Anniversary #didyouknow ——————————– Welcome to the Official Youtube channel … Read more

Dinner with the Dean – SNL

In this Cut for Time sketch, a couple’s (Chloe Fineman, Andrew Dismukes) dinner with the dean (Jake Gyllenhaal) and his wife (Cecily Strong) takes an uncomfortable turn. Saturday Night Live. Stream now on Peacock: Subscribe to SNL: Stream Current Full Episodes: WATCH PAST SNL SEASONS Google Play – iTunes – … Read more

The Bear, traditional dance

The Bear, a traditional folk dance which had been noted by 1600. Performed here by Lyrebyrd Consort in 2011. Rebecca Witt (rebec) Tim Muecke (violin) Damien Day (viola) James Cowling (bass viol) Andrew McCauley (finger cymbals) Anna Pope (drum) Recorded live in concert: ‘A Mediæval Celebration’ Adelaide Fringe Festival, 2011 by Rosemary Beal, 5mbs Urrbrae … Read more

Amazing Nails Art Designs Ideas For Colorful Best Nails Beauty Modern #Shorts #Ep192

Nails_Compilation of Best & Beauty Nail Art Designs Ideas 2020-2021 Products used in this video (without brand names): nail polish/gel, soft sponge, skin defender, painting gel, glossy/matte top coat, stamping tools, decals, building gel, nail foil, striping tape, nail glue, rhinestones, beads, glitter, nail powder (UV lamp, dotting tools, brushes, tweezers, wax picker pen And … Read more

How important is fashion to you? outfit shopping vintage #dress #clothes #fashion

the most beautiful & cute women’s dresses store.. source

Amazing 18 Nail Art Designs | New Nail Art Compilation February 2019 by MUA DIY

Brand new beauty compilation featuring the best 18 nail art designs February 2019 – amazing nail art tutorials compilation! Featured Creators: @sensationails4u MUA DIY brings you the best videos relating to beauty trends about make-up, lipsticks, nails, hair,DIY tutorials and more. Please don’t forget to click on the bell next to the subscription to avoid … Read more

This year’s bike trends | DW English

The bicycle industry is booming: Bikes are becoming ever more high-tech and stylish. E-bikes and retro-bikes are still trending. Then there’s a new trend: Start-up companies are redefining the concept of rental bikes. For a related story, go to: source

Architecture, art and design – 100 years of the Bauhaus (1/3) | DW Documentary

How has the Bauhaus school of architecture and design, Germany’s best-known art school, shaped the world we live in today? bauhausWORLD – The Effect (2/3): bauhausWORLD – The Utopia (3/3): The three-part documentary bauhausWORLD marks the 100th anniversary of the opening of Germany’s best-known art, architecture and design school, the Bauhaus. Exploring the … Read more

Top 5 Latest 3D Printing Innovations in 2021

In this video we will be covering the top 5 latest 3D printing innovations in 2021. The video will cover both the latest 3d printers and also some of the latest accessories. 0:05 3Dfeedy – Multi Filament Feeder – 3D Printer Add-on.With 3Dfeedy you can upgrade your printer to a multi-filament printer. The great … Read more

10 Obscure Facts about Michael Jordan only his mom knows

Here are the top ten obscure facts about Michael Jordan you might not know! 💲✂️ Air Jordan 50% discount in Nike Store: ———————————- Baller Bros is a collection of 5000 unique collectible NFTs, balling on the Polygon Blockchain. The Baller Bros have been programmatically generated from a multitude of slick moves, each with unique … Read more

Vintage Brand Wall Art

Metal Wall Art is the perfect vintage sports gift for the fan in your life. Choose from thousands of retro sports graphics to enhance your man cave or sports den. Relive the Game with Vintage Wall Art: source

Trying Weird Tie-Dye Techniques

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Easy diy nail art at home for beginners # shorts. #viral.

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4 No Heat Bohemian Hairstyles

HOLA YALL! So i was in Cabo San Lucas for 4 days and i filmed ALOT of stuff for y’all and I’m so excited to edit it and put it up but my computer ever has disk space so it was really hard exporting this one but it did finally! Anyway I hope y’all like … Read more

The disturbing side of the AI generated art – this Video will HAUNT you – Unique pics of horror!

You can view these UNIQUE paintings only on THIS channel on Youtube! ( and none of other on the entire YOUTUBE !!! ) In this video you can watch unique pieces of disturbing art, created by the Artificial Intelligence – Unique models – can be seen ONLY on the UNKNOWN CHESSMASTER Youtube channel! Consider to … Read more

Chellakutti Rasathi | Eeswaran-Mangalyam | Short Dance Cover | NRITHYA:the art of souL

A short video on the song Chellakutty Rasathi Hope you all will like it Thanks for watching… keep supporting us THANK YOU❤️ #chellakuttyrasathi #mangalyam insta page: source

Top 10 Bizarre Things Hidden Inside Of Paintings – Part 2

Top 10 Bizarre Things Hidden Inside Of Paintings – Part 2 Subscribe To Most Amazing Top 10: Subscribe To Most Amazing Top 10 Español: Subscribe To Most Amazing Top 10 Anime: Most Recent Videos: From the Cafe Terrace at Night to Madame X, there are so many secrets hidden within historical … Read more

How Michelangelo and Da Vinci Trafficked The Dead For Art

Picture the amazing works of Renaissance artists like Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo – the Mona Lisa, David, the Sistine Chapel. Now picture a corpse. It’s a jarring juxtaposition, but the master artists of the Italian Renaissance learned how to create such realistic, beautiful masterpieces by studying remains. Renaissance anatomy was a new field, and … Read more

' Ya Ya Ya ' Afro Dance R&B Beat Summer Vibes African Type Dancehall Rnb 2019 | Instrumental

👉🏽 Download | Purchase : 👉🏽 Spotify: 👉🏽 Itunes : 👉🏽 Apple Music: Enjoy this Ya Ya Ya Afro Type beat. Please subscribe to my channel for more beats!! #Instrumental #Beats Info beats Contact: My Facebook: My Instagram: My Email: source

Chronic Future – Antarctica

Antarctica by Chronic Future off of their limited edition release This And Of That. 1. All Things Considered 2. Temper Anthem 3. Shellshocked (Remix) 4. Home Game 5. If You Ever Run 6. Flight Of The Birds 7. Jupiter (Future Lords) 8. Insects 9. The Summer Of 1980 10. Antarctica source

Panel Three – Depicting Glory Symposium

Depicting Glory: Rare Objects from the Late Qing to the Republic of China Symposium Saturday, October 15, 2022 in the Patrick Ma Digital Scholarship Lab at the John D. Rockefeller, Jr. Library Brown University Library More information [] “Commemorating Qing Victory: Three Eras” Matthew Mosca – Associate Professor, History Department, University of Washington “Bureaucracy for … Read more

How To Draw Fashion Sketches and Figures!

Thanks for checking out my video! A few of you guys were asking if I could make a video on how I draw my fashion sketches so I hope you enjoy it! If you want to see more of my creations, you can also follow me on Instagram! ig: @paperstxrdesigns Etsy: Redbubble: … Read more

CHEYENNE- The Last of the Mohicans (Native American Song)

*Read please* I do NOT own neither the music nor the pictures in this video. The music rights are held by the band Cheyenne and the pictures are from Google. This video is made for entertainment. Band: Cheyenne Song name: The Last of the Mohicans Album: Vol1. The Last of the Mohicans I really like … Read more

OLD V'S NEW! DxD Art Style – High School DxD

OLD V’S NEW! DxD Art Style – High School DxD High School DxD Light Novel Reviews – An old but epic battle that has gone on for countless years and seems to have no end in site as all of time and space comes to an end because of this epic battle of OLD … Read more

Manuel Turizo – La Bachata [Ofir y Ofri] @Sensual Bachata Dance

Manuel Turizo – La Bachata [Ofir y Ofri] @Sensual Bachata Dance

Ofir And Ofri are dancing Sensual bachata at Havana Club, Give them Big Thumbs UP:) ▶DONT CLICK THIS – NEW BACHATA 2022! #bachata #dance #manuelturizo #salsa #israel #havana_club Festival Bachata SENSUAL 2022 Song Name: Manuel Turizo – La Bachata bailando esta bachata romantica espero que les guste si quereis ver mas videos de como … Read more

Obscure things and all jokes based out of context (and choppy edits).

Welcome to the video of Vizzie Inc. seeing the U.S.A! Odder Moniker and benign are living the dream. Dreamin’ in poverty. Living it up in the ghetto. Shitty drivers and “YR BETTA OFF WALKIN’” source

Inventions Of The Great War (FULL Audiobook)

Inventions Of The Great War Alexander Russell BOND (1876 – 1937) “… this war was not one of mere destruction. It set men to thinking as they had never thought before. It intensified their inventive faculties, and as a result, the world is richer in many ways. Lessons of thrift and economy have been taught … Read more

Customizing Weird Stuff with @Moriah Elizabeth

Check out Moriah’s Video Becoming The Blobs.. Today I collabed with the amazing @Moriah Elizabeth! This was my first proper art collab and I’m so excited to share with you our painting/customizing glass jar art project 🤣 we’ve both done our fair share of customizing weird stuff, so it seemed only fitting to do … Read more

Heroes (We Could Be) | Trevmonki Dance Concept

If yall cannot watch it here, try this! The synopsis of the video is a group of “freedom fighters” fighting for their voices to be heard, thoughts to be appreciated and freedom to express their creativity unopposed through a form of self expression, dance. The song chosen is apt, “Heroes” by Alesso. The song … Read more

Keppi Fitness Swimwear Fashion Show – Miami Swim Week 2022 – Art Hearts Fashion – Full Show 4K

Yaers Fashion TV Miami Swim Week Fashion Shows Keppi Fitness Swimwear Fashion Show – Miami Swim Week 2022 – Art Hearts Fashion – Full Show 4K Any re-edit, reproduction, reupload, rebroadcast, remixing, and distribution of our copyrighted videos are prohibited. See more Miami Swim Week fashion shows on our channel. #miamiswimweek #fashionshow #miamibeach … Read more

MIND-BLOWING BEAUTY GADGETS || 5-Minute Makeup Tricks And Beauty Ideas!

WEIRD BEAUTY GADGETS THAT ACTUALLY WORK These beauty gadgets will destroy your ordinary beauty routine! In this video we showed the transformation of eyelashes, eyebrows and hair by the hands of professional and useful gadgets for makeup you’ll want to try. Don’t forget to subscribe and click the bell?) TIMESTAMPS: 00:28 Beauty gadgets 02:20 Gadgets … Read more

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What type of clothes do you like to wear? outfit shopping vintage #dress #clothes #fashion

the most beautiful & cute women’s dresses store.. source

Vintage Beauty Glamour Postcards, Art – Hair Styles, Fashion, Artist Drawn Peek a Boo etc Part 1.

These Postcards date from early 1900’s and were very popular especially amongst the military and WW1 Soldiers. They are also a record of Fashions of the Day. source

Top 10 Bizarre Things Hidden Inside Of Paintings

Top 10 Bizarre Things Hidden Inside Of Paintings Subscribe To Most Amazing Top 10: Most Recent Videos: From ‘The Last Supper’ to ‘The Creation of Adam’ , there have been a lot of very bizarre things found in paintings, like hidden messages or even older paintings. Let’s get into the Top 10 Bizarre … Read more

Keppi Fitness Swimwear Fashion Show – Los Angeles Swim Week 2022 – Art Hearts Fashion

Yaers Fashion TV Keppi Fitness Swimwear Fashion Show Los Angeles Swim Week 2022 Art Hearts Fashion Full Show 4K Any re-edit, reproduction, reupload, rebroadcast, remixing, and distribution of our copyrighted videos are prohibited. See more Los Angeles Swim Week fashion shows on our channel. #laswimweek #losangelesswimweek #fashionshow =============================================== * Support Yaers Fashion TV to … Read more

Antares – You Belong To Me (European Radio Edit) – Cover Art – Dance Essentials

Antares – You Belong To Me (European Radio Edit) – Cover Art – Dance Essentials Apple: Spotify: Dance ’90-2000: All the hits Follow now: YouTube: FOLLOW Time Records: Tweets by TimeRecordsIta source

Home Video Tour Downsizing Estate Sale Yuba City Shabby Chic Statuary Collectibles-Hidden Creations

One Day Only-Yuba City Downsizing Estate Sale-Statuary-Yard Art-Shabby Chic June 17, 2022 Friday NOTE SUMMER HOURS 7am-1pm If you plan to arrive at 7am please sign up by texting/calling 530-693-0386 any time after 9 the day before the sale. The address will be posted on the day before the sale by 9am Yuba … Read more