Wildgame Innovations Trail Pad SD Card Reader for Trail Cameras & other devices – Product Review

TNT Outdoors presents: A review & demonstration of the Wildgame Innovations Trail Pad SD Card Reader.

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WildGame Innovations SD Card Reader / Viewer:

Featured Model # WGIVW0011. Please join us as we discuss one of my favorite items to have in the field while hunting, scouting, making these YouTube videos, and especially to use in conjunction with my Trail Cameras, Night Vision Monocular Cameras, Video Camcorders, and other devices that record to SD cards.

Stealth Cam Digital Night Vision Monocular & Camera:
KINKA Digital Night Vision Monocular & Camera:
Megaorei 2 Amazon DIY Night Vision Scope Attachment:
Wildgame Innovations Terra Extreme Trail Camera:
Tasco 12MP Low Glow Trail Camera:

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