Warframe | Weird and Obscure Corrections/Clarifications

Audio might be kinda weird because there is no music behind my voice for most of the new lines. The reason being that I don’t have access to the original project files since switching PCs, so I couldn’t take the music out of the old episodes. Hopefully it isn’t that annoying.

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Intro – 0:00
Vol. 1 – 0:39
Vol. 2 – 2:14
Vol. 3 – 4:27
Vol. 4 – 5:35
Vol. 5 – 9:21
Vol. 6 – 11:26
Vol. 7 – 12:13
Outro – 16:41

Big thanks to everybody who pointed out issues throughout the series, hopefully this has gotten the vast majority of them.

secret description video: https://youtu.be/g0cuO5lKyy8


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