Top 10 SCARY Ghost Videos To SCARE FAT MEN Off the ROOF !

Nukes Top 10 SCARY videos of GHOSTS and CREEPY things ! Scary ghosts, creepy apparitions, poltergeists, Japanese ghost videos, SCARY tiktok videos, AND ghost hunters investigating HAUNTED houses. As usual, we go through the full list of ALL sorts of paranormal activity. We’ve got evps, poltergeists, and everything bizarre and supernatural for you and your family. These are, without a doubt, the creepiest scary videos on the internet.

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So IN this week’s video! Two urban explorers ( urbex ) explore an abandoned building and encounter a possible poltergeist, or at least some VERY noisy squatters. A strange figure shows up outside a woman’s house, and seems to want INSIDE. A poltergeist scares the bajeezus out of ghost hunters Ghostech Paranormal. Bigfoot , Sasquatch, or WHATEVER you prefer to call that fellow starts screaming out at truckers parked by the woods. Josiah Worley and his odd poltergeist encounters. A 13 year old complete paranormal activity showcase, but is it real? A haunted GOAT… YES, I said a HAUNTED GOAT. Midwest ghost hunter encounters a apparition in a haunted graveyard. Urbex Hill faces down a crazy poltergeist… and finally a haunted fish tank. Yes, I said a- well you get it.

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Top 10 SCARIEST Ghost Videos of the YEAR !

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