The Village Teacher (1947) movie

Village Teacher was the first postwar production by Soviet director Mark Donskoy, of “Gorky Trilogy” fame. Vera Maretskaya stars as Varenka, a starry-eyed young Moscow teacher who accepts a post in a forsaken Siberian village. The story follows Varenka’s career from the pre-revolutionary Czarist regime to the end of WWII. It is a period of great unrest in the world and shattering personal heartbreak for Varenka.

The Village Teacher (1947) movie

Genre: Drama
Production Co: Soyuzdetfilm

Directed by Mark Donskoy
Writing Credits: Mariya Smirnova
Music by Lev Shvarts
Cinematography by Sergey Urusevskiy

Vera Maretskaya as Varvara “Varenka” Vasilievna Martinovna
Pavel Olenev as Igor Petrovich, school custodian
Daniil Sagal as Sergei Dmitriyevich Martinov
Vladimir Lepeshinsky as Prov Voronov, as a boy
Vladimir Maruta as Voronov, a gold miner
Vladimir Belokurov as Bukov, a gold miner
Anatoli Gonichev as Yefim Tsigankov, as a boy / Sergei Tsigankov, his son
Emma Balashova as Dumya, a girl
Dmitri Pavlov as Prov Voronov, as an adult
Rostislav Plyatt as The Secondary School Headmaster
Boris Belyayev as Ivan Zernov, a boy
Oleg Shmelyev as Nikita Bukov, a boy
N. Bershadskaya
Aleksey Konsovskiy
Anna Lisyanskaya
A. Lsak
Nadir Malishevsky
Boris Runge
Aleksandr Zhukov
M. Maritka
Iosif Vankov as Bukov’s guest

Additional information:
“I’ll teach you to dream”, said the film’s heroine to the children starting their life. In 1984 this promise became the name of a documentary by G. Chukhrai, Yu. Shvyryov and M. Volotsky about the life of one of a kind poet and hero of the national cinema, Mark Donskoy. The Italian neo-realists believed that their art originated from the “flow of life” typical of Donskoy’s films, considered the director their predecessor and emulated his poetic approach to everyday life. In the early 1970s Mark Donskoy’s name was included in the West in a number of lists of the best film directors of modern time.


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