The Creepy/Strange YouTube Video Iceberg: A Deeper Look

Join me as I talk my way through the Creepy/Strange YouTube Video Iceberg, with my own personal anecdotes, opinions, and theories behind the many bizarre and mysterious points this iceberg has to offer!

(This is yet another reupload of my original YouTube iceberg video that was first uploaded on October 31, 2022, which had some copyright issues, then reuploaded again on November 12, 2022, which was age-restricted. I kept this upload on my channel, as it’s the true, original, uncensored version, so if you wish to watch that, it’s still there, just age-restricted. As I want my videos available to be viewed by everyone, including those who do not wish to make a YouTube account (These people are locked out of watching age restricted videos) I went ahead and edited the video to be suitable for all ages. You’ll notice that the video is two minutes longer, and that’s because I expanded a little more information on one point on this iceberg. Can you find out which one it is? Enjoy!)

00:00 – Intro – (Save Theme – Resident Evil 4)
02:05 – Layer 1 – (Promise (Reprise) Piano Version – Silent Hill 2)
59:12 – Layer 2 – (Save Room Theme – Resident Evil 2)
02:06:42 – Layer 3 – (Free From Fear (Save Room Theme) – Resident Evil 3)
02:55:57 – Layer 4 – (Big Boo’s Haunt (Haunted House) – Super Mario 64)
03:48:51 – Layer 5 – (Shadow Temple – LoZ Ocarina of Time)
04:37:04 – Layer 6 – (Never Forgive me, Never Forget me – Silent Hill 3)
05:30:37 – Layer 7 – (Spirit Guide – Fatal Frame 2: Crimson Butterfly)
06:13:59 – Outro – (End Credits – Super Mario 64)

here’s a link to the unedited video. it’s currently unlisted, but if you wish to watch that version, it’s right here.


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