The Bizarre Cult Who Mummified Their "God"

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Welcome to dark dives, a new series where we explore the murky and devious depths of humanity. This goes beyond corporate greed and get rich quick schemes, beyond shady products and questionable CEOs. Here, we take a look at the very worst of humanity, to see what evil people are truly capable of.

The Love Has Won cult brings you in with the simplicity of their name. At first glance, you would never assume the violence or sheer terror that went on behind closed doors. Recruiting its members through social media, Love Has Won garnered massive attention as its leader “Mother God” spread outlandish conspiracy theories and beliefs and sold makeshift “wellness products” to the world under the guise of empathy and compassion. But the story took a wild turn when she was suddenly found dead… in the most unconventional of ways.

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Collin Robinson
The Mysterious Brian

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G. Thomas Craig

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00:22 Love Has Won
02:21 The Beliefs of Love Has Won
08:21 Love Has Won Cult Businesses
13:30 Abuse in the Love Has Won Cult
18:42 The Mummification of Mother God
23:49 Outro


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