The Best Vegan Mozzarella Cheese for Pizza… 6 Brand Taste Test #vegan #tastetest

Special thanks to my taste tester Dominique (IG: @cinema.sewist) for her help in this video!

Vegan cheese might be the final frontier in the world of vegan food, as it’s one of the most difficult things to get right. In this taste test, I made six vegan pizzas using six different vegan cheeses and tasted them along with my friend Dominique to find out which one melts, browns, and tastes the best.

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00:00 Intro & Process
02:32 Violife Just Like Mozzarella Shreds
04:23 Miyoko’s Liquid Vegan Pizza Mozzarella
07:28 Daiya Mozzarella Style Shreds
09:52 Miyoko’s Organic Cashew Milk Mozzarella
11:50 Follow Your Heart Vegan Mozzarella
15:14 365 Plant-Based Mozzarella-Style Cheese
17:48 Final Ranking & Summary


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