The best tech innovations from 2010 to 2019 | iPad Apple Watch Galaxy Fold Airpods Surface Oculus

This decade was AWESOME form a tech point of view. A lot of innovations enriched our lives.
This little compilation will be a great memory of what happened in this ten years, from the Apple iPad that revolutioned our world to the Samsung Galaxy Fold, the first foldable smartphone ever, passing for the introduction of the Touch iD technology, the Airpods wireless earphone, the Apple Watch, the Xbox one, the Playstation 4 and many many other gadgets.

List of Original Video Presentation

Apple iPad 00:20
Google Nexus One 01:10
Sony Nex-3 01:36
Kickstarter 01:46
Apple Siri Voice assistant 01:54
Microsoft Kinect 2 02:31
Microsoft Surface 02:40
Apple iPad Mini 03:38
Google Project Glass 04:49
Raspberry Pi 05:18
Nasa lands on Mars with Curiosity 05:29
Wi-Fi 802.11ac standard 06:19
Amazon Kindle 06:29
First 4K Television 06:51
Oculus Rift 07:01
Google Chromecast 07:56
Xbox One 08:54
Playstation 4 10:26
Hoverboard 10:57
Wireless Charging 11:07
Selfie Stick 11:17
Apple Touch iD 11:27
BMW i3 11:47
3D Printing 12:14
Apple Watch 12:36
Windows 10 15:17
Apple Pencil 17:00
Microsoft Surface Studio 17:23
Polaroid One Step 2 19:29
Samsung Galaxy Note 7 19:39
Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Explosion 😂 20:18
Apple AirPods 20:45
Apple iPhone X 21:08
Nintendo Switch 22:26
Microsoft Surface Laptop 23:09
Google Nest Hub 23:33
Xiaomi POCOPhone F1 23:58
Xiaomi Mi Note 10 Pentacamera 108mp 25:10
Samsung Galaxy Fold 25:46
Apple AirPods Pro 26:24

Follow this journey from 2010 to 2019, with original video presentation and original launch videos.

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