Weird People! Whatcha Gonna Do with Them?

We’ll often be faced with people who are different in one way or another in our lives. Sometimes they’ll be labeled as weird, and others will go out of their ways to isolate and ostracize them. So what is our reaction to be as believers in Christ? source

Neri Ame & Old Fashioned Japanese Candies – Whatcha Eating? #7

My blogs: On this week’s Whatcha Eating? I go old school, and try Japanese candies that were made back in the day — back before artificial flavors were king, and when candy was simple, like mizu ame, homemade goo taffy, candy cigarettes, and mini yogurt cups. But the all-important question is…How do they … Read more

Old Fashioned American Candy Whatcha Eating?#26

If you like waxed paper, sugar, and funny names – join me on this episode of Whatcha Eating? on Emmymade in Japan – while I sample some down home sweets from The Land of the Free . GIVEAWAY CLOSED ————————– I own all rights to the materials in this video. The products featured in the … Read more