Carnival Celebration Pt.4 – San Juan, Cats, Barrachina, Triana Tapas, Emeril's Dinner, Time Journey

Welcome to San Juan, Puerto Rico! After snagging breakfast at Shaq’s Big Chicken, we’re hopping off the ship for free & frugal wandering day down Paseo De La Princesa in the direction of El Morro. We’re hoping to make some feline friends at Save A Gato, then planning to snag some refreshments at Barrachina and … Read more

STA89 'Women's Health Pt4: The Athletic Female' with Grainne Donnelly, Emma Brockwell, Helen McElroy

In the final episode of this month’s focus on ‘Women’s Health’, we are absolutely honoured to be joined by special guests Gráinne Donnelly, Emma Brockwell and Dr Helen McElroy – three physiotherapists passionate about developing the knowledge and awareness necessary to optimise each female athlete’s potential. Together, they are about to launch ‘The Athletic Female’, … Read more

ALL THINGS DISTURBING (Pt.4) | Sebastiank22 Scary Videos #shorts

Which is the most disturbing thing in this video



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A Deep Dive Into The NELK/WIZZA Giveaway… – ROOBET House of Cards Pt.4

Full Series Playlist here: Welcome back to Part 4 of 6 of the “Roobet: House of Cards” series put together by me and my good friend Coffeezilla, yesterday you may have heard about Privatebet and NELK but in this episode we’ll be diving into the story of Wizza, a relatively new sweepstakes company and … Read more