The Bizarre Things The Ultra-Rich Do With Their Money

Hotel staff from swanky hotels are exposing all of the strange and insane requests that the ultra-wealthy submit hotel workers to do for them. Some of their actions include crawling around a hotel lobby like an animal for months, photoshoots with elephants, and arranging 20 cooked lobsters on a man’s sprawled out body while he … Read more

PETA Animal Cruelty Video **DISTURBING**

EDIT 7 December 2014: I remastered version of this video will be uploaded later today. Also my new primary channel is Vintage PetRaptor though it is gaming videos only. This is the footage of Pokemon Black and Blue (by PETA) the footage of the video in the first treasure chest after beating Cheren. This video … Read more

Kids Fashion Week 2019 Held In Hyderabad | Latest Fashion Shows In India 2019 | ABN Entertainment

Kids Fashion Week 2019 Held In Hyderabad. Latest Fashion Shows In India 2019 can watch here on our channel. For More Latest Movie News and Celebrity … source

The Elephant That Was Shot To Death | Tyke | Shocking Video

Circuses have always been controversial for their treatment of animals. Training wild animals always requires some degree of physical abuse from their trainers. The more strong-willed the animals, the more physical abuse they are subjected to. This is the story of Tyke, a strong-willed female elephant who had just had enough of the torture and … Read more

History vs. Augustus – Peta Greenfield & Alex Gendler

Check out our Patreon page: View full lesson: His reign marked the beginning of one of history’s greatest empires … and the end of one of its first republics. Was Rome’s first emperor a visionary leader who guaranteed his civilization’s place in history, or a tyrant who destroyed its core values? Peta Greenfield … Read more

Animal Abuse. Warning:Extremely Disturbing. Farm to Fridge short w/subtitles See

Short version Farm to Fridge with subtitles used by permission of Mercy For Animals Animals are intelligent living beings but cannot speak any languages. They scream in pain to communicate their horror of being tortured and killed. Humans kill around 60 BILLION animals for food each year. A plant based diet is a more … Read more