Spring Makeup Trends 2022 | for mature skin and over 40 #springmakeup #Springmakeuptrends2022

Hello friends. Spring is in the air and that means a fresh approach to beauty. I like to do some spring cleaning of my makeup collection this time of year. Then it’s time to incorporate the new looks of the season! Spring Makeup Trends can easily be ‘maturely modified’ for our more mature skin. While … Read more

Old Makeup Trends You Can Still Wear Now!

80s makeup trends were pretty unique, but what’s stopping you from rocking them now? Amanda shows us how to modernise old trends from the past for mature skin types. Timestamps: 00:00 Updating 80s makeup trends 00:28 Trend 1: Bold blue eyeshadow 02:15 Trend 2: Heavy foundation 03:04 Trend 3: Strong, intense blush 04:13 Trend 4: … Read more