Top 10 Scary Videos of Creepy Moments Caught on Camera

Sources: 10) Michael Hoarde: (“Pool Scorpion”) 9) Superfreaky: (“Ghost Walks In Front of Lights!”) 8) Charlie Croix: (“ghost walks by car! spirit caught on camera!”) 7) YourSecret_98: (“Ghost walks in front of us…”) 6) Solutions: (“Ghost object moving by itself 😲👻💯 Real no tricks if u find anything I’ll leave YouTube”)–8 … Read more

30 Scary Videos That Are Terrifyingly Creepy

Are you afraid of the dark? If you say no — first, that’d be a lie, and second, you’ll be absolutely terrified of it soon enough! Horror isn’t just the cliches. Some creepy videos pave a new path through the darkness and let you experience chills that are just… petrifying. And I plan on delivering … Read more

5 Scary Videos Filmed by Doorbell Camera (Vol. 2)

If you’re looking to enhance your home’s security system without spending a fortune, the easiest way to get started is with doorbell cameras. With them, you can instantly detect when someone is at your door — and better yet, on sensing someone approaching, they automatically begin to record. So, if it’s the case of a … Read more

30 Scary Videos Impossible To Not Be Creepy Part 2

30 Scary Videos Impossible To Not Be Creepy! Leave a Like if you enjoyed! My friend chills and sssniperwolf sniperwolf aka lia aka sniper wolf did a video like this too 🙂 Watch the last one Subscribe to join the Squad and enable notifications! TikTok: Instagram: Twitter: Facebook: Official … Read more

30 Scary Videos That Have People Really Scared

Can you persevere against the odds and survive your most deep-rooted fears? As we slide closer to fall, who wouldn’t want to fill their autumn with seasonal scares? Guess what — all the screams you need are right here! In the spirit of celebrating what we cherish the most, I have got something special for … Read more

Another weird video!

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30 Scary Videos That are Bone Chilling Revised

Whether you’re looking for an escape from the mundaneness of your everyday routine or just trying to chase away boredom, the thrill of watching scary videos will always do the trick. But sometimes, watching them might unsettle you so deeply, you may swear off viewing anything to do with horror ever again. And those are … Read more

5 Scary Videos Filmed by Drones

Footage filmed by drones gives us a unique new way of looking at the world. Not long ago, the average person didn’t have the means to get a sight of life from above. But now, from surveillance to package delivery, drones have made their way from the battlefield to the usual household. Offering a relatively … Read more

30 Scary Videos That Aren't Easy To Forget

CORRECTION: In Entry 1, there is an editing mistake. The clip URBEX HILL asked us to show was not properly included. The proper clip can be viewed here: (Correct timestamp: 25 minutes, 30 seconds to 25 minutes, 40 seconds). Words aren’t enough to describe the kind of chills you’ll be put through with what … Read more

Top 10 Inventions that Became Obsolete in the Last 20 Years

There are many things that people were convinced would last forever, the city of Pompeii, Zeppelins, Blockbuster. Unfortunately none of these things did, because as time moves on, things change, tectonic plates move, the needs of everyday living evolve and new inventions replace old ones time and again. With that in mind, here are the … Read more

30 Scary Videos Impossible To Not Be Creepy

30 Scary Videos Impossible To Not Be Creepy! Leave a Like if you enjoyed! My friend chills and sssniperwolf sniperwolf aka lia aka sniper wolf did a video like this too 🙂 Watch the last one Subscribe to join the Squad and enable notifications! TikTok: Instagram: Twitter: Facebook: Official … Read more

Top 35 Creepy Videos of the Scariest Things Ever Caught on Camera

These scary videos have caught the scariest things on camera ever, creepy stuff you’ve never seen before. Get ready for 35 truly weird things from the spooky side of YouTube to make you scream in sheer fear. You should NOT have to handle watching “creepy” videos of the same weird stuff twice. BillNose always has … Read more

Top 10 SCARIEST YouTube Videos (Scary Videos With Links)

Top 10 Scariest YouTube Videos (Scary Videos With Links) These Scary Videos feature Horrifying things from Monsters to Creepy people, this video will make you spooked! If you enjoyed, LEAVE A LIKE! Some of the biggest viral memes and videos online reach such huge audiences because they’re horrifying. Kids go to schools and share with … Read more

Crazy Theater Teacher's Weird Body Language Theory

My crazy theater teacher had a very strange theory about people and their body language! STORE: ARTISTS: Megan Maher: E Griswold: Chloe Dungate: Sarah.B.Artist: SECOND CHANNEL: 00:00 – Character Spheres? 01:43 – Vacant Head Sphere 03:06 – Intellectual Head Sphere 04:24 – Heart Sphere 05:50 – Will Sphere 07:36 … Read more

11 Scary Videos That'll Make You Say BRUH

Last Week’s Video: INSTAGRAM: ➡️MY NEW MIXTAPE: TWITTER: FACEBOOK: REDDIT: Are you ready for some scary videos, BRUH? This top 11 list of scary videos will creep you out and have you screaming in unexplainable fright. Watch scary ghost videos from the bravest ghost hunters around the world (including … Read more

Top 10 SCARY Videos of Creepy Ghost Stuff to SCARE You TONIGHT!

These scary videos on this top 10 list analyze scary stuff like “real” ghost sightings in the scariest places on earth, the best EVP recordings, and other strange things caught on camera to scare you into having a frightened nightmare tonight. These creepy video clips are from the weird side of YouTube and have weird … Read more

Top 10 Creepy Videos of Scary Stuff That Will Make You…

The creepy videos on this top 10 list have scary stuff caught on camera that’s so weird, these things will make you… Well, you cannot handle watching creepy things like haunted dolls caught moving on their own, ghosts pictures caught on camera in the background, bears climbing up trees into hunter’s stands, a ghost caught … Read more

Bizarre on Being Placed on Worst Rapper Lists and Names His List of Worst Rappers

Interview on The Bootleg Kev Podcast Get your first month of BLUECHEW for FREE, use the promo code “Bootleg” or click here: Support ODDSOX, go to: & use the promo code “BOOTLEGKEV” for 20% off at Check Out source

15 Scary Videos That’ll Shiver Your Timbers

Watch these scary videos alone if you dare. If you’re wondering why; well, because deep down, we all love experiencing spine-chilling fear, exciting thrills, and ruinous chills all rolled into one breathtaking odyssey of emotions — while being within the bounds of safety. To deliver just that, I’m here with a list of 15 scary … Read more

15 Scary Videos Not Meant for Public Viewing

Are you brave enough to face the depths of darkness? Horror is a genre that inherently deals with the paranormal — the otherworldly entities that go beyond the laws of nature. And there’s nothing more terrifying than the thought of becoming the prey of a scary entity, being possessed by a haunting spirit, or any … Read more

30 Scary Videos That'll Make You Question Everything

Ta-da, you’re chilled to the bone! With Halloween looming on the horizon, I can almost hear the cauldron of the eerie corners of the internet rearing, bubbling, and getting ready to unleash slews of spine-tingling scary videos. And with horror unveiling its deeper and darker depths as the world falls apart bit by bit with … Read more

Top 10 Scary Videos of Weird Things and Creepy Stuff

These scary videos have caught scary moments on camera that, for 99% of most people, are simply too creepy to exist. Are the unexplained events (real or fake) in these scary clips enough to give you chills? Up for eerie analysis are some really weird, creepy and strange things like haunted dolls and cursed paintings … Read more

30 Scary Videos That End Horribly

You will probably never find a horror library with just as much hidden treasure as the scary side of YouTube. Yet the vast majority of scary videos you will come across online just don’t live up to standard. With that being said, combing through the eerie corners of not just YouTube but the whole internet … Read more

5 Scary Videos Filmed by Dashcam

Dashcams don’t always just capture simple footage of bad driving. Sometimes, they film things that are downright menacing, capturing reality at its most horrifying self. Ready to be seriously creeped out? Here are 5 scary videos filmed by dashcam! For this list, we’ll look at the most unsettling footage ever captured on dashcams, which, honestly, … Read more

30 Scary Videos Guaranteed to Haunt You Forever

Sometimes nothing feels better than being home, far away from the problems and stress of the world outside. Home is a place where you can feel reassured. However, the sense of security you feel there is more fragile than you think. It can easily fall to pieces instantly if you watch a few scary videos … Read more

15 Scary Videos That Have Viewers on Alert

Maybe the world hasn’t quite returned to “the same before” like we’ve been hoping, but there’s definitely at least one good thing to come out of the 2020s: many new scary videos made their way onto the internet! From absolutely bone-chilling to exceptionally creepy, this year has been delivering chills after chills. As we’re passing … Read more

15 Scary Videos That Are A Complete Mystery

One of the greatest powers some few scary videos have is how they can relate to real life — no matter how frightening they may seem. They can bring comfort to those who can relate to the average guy facing his worst fears as displayed in some creepy videos. Or they can serve as a … Read more

30 Scary Videos That Will Scare You Shirtless

Lock the door, turn off the lights, and… Wait, no, better keep the lights on while watching these nerve-wracking, hair-raising scary videos. YouTube is nothing less than a pot of gold when it comes to content. You can teach yourself how to design advanced multiprocessor architectures or how to fix a sink. Video game streamers … Read more

30 Scary Videos Perfect for Bedtime

August means one thing: the spooky season is almost upon us! This translates to creative costumes full of famous horror movie references, pumpkin spice everything, and of course, scary videos teeming with chilling shivers and curiosity-inducing mysteries! To celebrate the spirit of the spooky season, nothing seems better than settling in for a night of … Read more

Scary Videos Viewers Are Struggling to Explain

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15 Scary Videos Documented by Mistake

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15 Scary Videos That'll Make You Shiver with Fear

You won’t be sleeping in the dark anytime soon. Ready to feel safe and sound no longer? Everyone’s favorite video sharing platform — YouTube — is used by people all over the world just about every day. And why not; it’s an excellent source of entertainment as you can browse through an endless list of … Read more

30 Scary Videos They Tried to Hide From Us

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30 Scary Videos Children Cannot Watch

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Top 10 SCARIEST Bizarre Underground Discoveries!

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15 Scary Videos They Don’t Want The Public to See

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30 Scary Videos That'll Make Your Jaw Drop

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30 Scary Videos That'll Make You Question Reality

As wild as it sounds, we are officially halfway through 2022! It has felt like both 5 minutes and 10 years at the same time, which, to tell the truth, is par for the course these last few years. But regardless of our own fears about the passage of time, there’s no denying 2022 has … Read more

30 Scary Videos Everyone’s Talking About

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15 Scary Videos That Have Everyone On High Alert

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15 Scary Videos Currently Terrifying Viewers

I love watching creepy videos and reading scary stories, however, to tell the truth, it happens very rarely that I am genuinely unsettled. But, there’s something about some scary videos that freak me out the most — a shadow caught out of the corner of the eye, an eerie sound that comes out of nowhere, … Read more

15 Scary Videos Filmed By Accident

Keep the lights on while you watch these scary stories unfold. Everyone loves a good scare — a chilling shiver down their spine, but it’s even more thrilling when the frights come from scary videos that are true. There are a whole lot of true accounts of the sinister and the paranormal captured on tape … Read more

15 Scary Videos That End Badly

Watching horror is an odyssey full of creative ways to freak yourself out of your wits. For the most part, though not always, things ending badly is the ultimate horror consequence — the one fate every unfortunate person in a scary situation desperately looks to avoid. The list of creepy videos I analyzed here today … Read more

15 Scary Videos Skeptics Don't Wanna Talk About

Celebrate it or dread it, the spooky summer season is upon us, and this year’s scares hardly lack chills. Especially when the sun goes down, and the bright sunlight is subdued by the darkness of the night, no time can be better than that to settle in for a night of shivery frights! With that … Read more

[ Reaction ] Creepy Video That`ll Make You Think Twice!!

[ Reaction ] Creepy Video That`ll Make You Think Twice!!

Creepy Video That`ll Make You Think Twice!! Link To Original Video Make sure to Go Show Sir Spooks some love On His YouTube Channel…!!! ⚠️⚠️ Disclaimer ⚠️⚠️ I do my best to give credit to the creators/ artist in both the video and a description box of every reaction I do. But because I … Read more

Top 15 Scary Videos I REALLY Should NOT Show You

Last Week’s Video: Narrated by Chills: Follow Top15s on Twitter: Follow Chills on Instagram: Follow Chills on Twitter: Subscribe to Chills on Reddit: A top 15 list of scary videos I really should not show you because they are too creepy for 99% of most people to handle without … Read more

5 Scary Videos I Think Should Go Viral

Last Week’s Video: INSTAGRAM: ➡️MY NEW MIXTAPE: TWITTER: FACEBOOK: REDDIT: top 5 countdown list takes a look at the top 5 scary videos that should go viral. A restaurant is haunted by spirits, some scary people are caught on camera freaking out in public encounters, a mysterious lab contains … Read more

Video Game Revolvers Are Surprisingly Weird

Buy Me A Coffee: Discord: Twitter: Music: The Milano Chase – The Whole Other The Colonel – Zachariah Hickman Games played in this video: Paladins, CS:GO, COD: MW, Valorant, Overwatch Double action revolver footage courtesy of Everything In Slow Motion under a CC 3.0 Attribution License Single action revolver footage courtesy … Read more

15 Scary Videos That Defy All Logic

Are you one of those people who look for scary stuff because other things are boring? Well rest assured, these scary videos are anything but boring. This list is specifically made for the people who are here to settle in for the chills. This is for people who think there is no actually scary content … Read more

Top 10 Creepy Videos of Weird YouTube Stuff to Creep You Out!

The creepy videos on this top 10 list of scary moments have caught weird things on camera to creep you out with chills. Prepare to get scared at weird YouTube stuff and see the scary things that have gone wrong when ghost hunters go exploring the scariest places on earth like abandoned houses, creepy caves, … Read more

15 Scary Videos Showing Creepy Things and Weird Stuff

Which scary videos are the best of all time? And how do we define “best?” Based on the number of likes and comments they receive? Cultural impact? Maybe it is better if we leave it up to one’s personal taste. To celebrate that and revel in a night of frights, here are 15 scary videos … Read more

15 Scary Videos That'll Make You Scratch Your Head

One of the greatest strengths of horror is its ability to pack loads of chills into brief clips and recordings. You will likely remember each scary video that you will come across on the eerie corners of the internet — and even years later, you are probably going to remember how genuinely frightened they made … Read more

5 Bizarre Things Eaten By Dogs

The renowned excuse that the dog ate my homework has nothing in comparison to what these dogs have ingested… 5. Kebabs and a Kebab Skewer. Initially a few kebabs might not seem that bad but Marley, the German Shorthaired Pointer, perhaps bit off more than he could chew as he ended up accidently swallowing the … Read more

Top 11 Weird Videos of Creepy Stuff and Scary Things Caught on Camera

The weird videos on this creepy top 11 list have caught scary things on camera to creep you out with chills. See what happens when paranormal investigations have gone wrong while exploring haunted museums, abandoned houses, cemeteries, and some of the scariest places on earth. Get ready for ghosts caught on video, unknown creatures spotted … Read more

15 Scary Videos Only 17% People Can Handle

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Top 10 Creepy Videos of Creepy Stuff You've Never Seen!

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Top 12 Weird Videos of Scary Moments Caught on Camera to Creep You Out!

The scary videos on this horror-inducing top 12 list have caught weird moments of scary stuff that’s too creepy for most. Only the brave can handle watching this creepy stuff without getting scared of “real” ghost footage caught on camera in paranormal investigations gone wrong on video, supernatural evidence of the other side in the … Read more

15 Weird Things You Will See for the First Time in Your Life

For those that believe they have seen it all, have we got a list for you. From master ventriloquists upping their industry to another level to artists making portraits in the snow with their BMX bikes, here are 15 Weird Things You Will See for the First Time in Your Life For Copyright Issues, Please … Read more


The creepy videos on this scary top 10 list examine the strangest things caught on camera of weird stuff that’s super scary. These scary video clips of weird YouTube stuff include “real” paranormal evidence of shadow people and ghost sightings caught on video while exploring abandoned places that are haunted, urbex videos of explorations gone … Read more