REP Fitness Safety Squat Bar Unboxing & 1st Impressions!

Has REP Changed the Safety Squat Bar Game? 🔥 0:00 – REP Fitness Safety Squat Bar Unboxing & 1st Impressions! 0:33 – Overview 1:17 – Unboxing the REP Safety Squat Bar Padding 3:49 – Unboxing the Barbell 5:21 – REP SSB Shaft Coating 6:13 – REP SSB Sleeve & End Cap 7:18 – Attaching … Read more

The Fitness Most Wanted Awards for 2022!

FITNESS MOST WANTED 2022: The Top Equipment, Influencers, Training Plans, and More! 🏆Full list of winners: This is THE most comprehensive list to the best of the best in the fitness industry in 2022. 💪 Best Smart Home Gym Tonal: 💪 Most Innovative Barbell Gungnir: 💪 Best Barbell Rogue Ohio Bar: … Read more

Titan Fitness Functional Trainer Review: The High Value Contender!

Is the Titan Fitness Functional Trainer a good fit for your home gym? We’ll take a look…

Functional trainers aren’t always the most convenient addition to a home gym, at least in terms of space, but their versatility is relatively unmatched by other home gym equipment. The Titan Fitness Functional Trainer has all the usual bells and whistles you’d find on a functional trainer, allowing for more than 1,000 different positions and a pulldown/row pulley option.

This machine has the typical 2:1 pulley ratio, meaning pulling 50 pounds actually takes 25 pounds of force, you’d find on a high-quality functional trainer, and is made with durable anodized aluminum pulleys and steel frame construction.

With multiple pull-up grip options and handle attachments, the Titan Fitness Functional Trainer is certainly a great value when compared to its around $2,200 price tag.

Do we recommend it though? Watch to find out.

0:00 – TITLE
1:09 – Who Should Consider A Functional Trainer?
2:37 – Assembling The Titan Functional Trainer
4:55 – Coop’s Take On The Titan Functional Trainer
9:57 – Titan Functional Trainer Vs. The Competition
13:46 – Final Thoughts

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Coop Visits FDNY & Takes ULTIMATE FITNESS Challenge!

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Testing the "SILENT" Rogue Fitness Barbell…

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