Weird People! Whatcha Gonna Do with Them?

We’ll often be faced with people who are different in one way or another in our lives. Sometimes they’ll be labeled as weird, and others will go out of their ways to isolate and ostracize them. So what is our reaction to be as believers in Christ? source

3 TRUE Disturbing Fall Horror Stories

It’s our favorite time of year again on this channel. Here are three fall themed true scary stories. Thank you to everyone who sent in stories, and please send me your Halloween horror stories! Listen to these stories + more: Insta: Twitter:… TikTok: If you enjoy this type of content and … Read more

Weird Things Couples Do At Christmas

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3 Disturbing True Horror Stories

Here are 3 unthemed true horror stories sent by subscribers. Side note, I lost my voice recording this video. Story 1 : Leah McGill Story 2 : Poohbah30 Story 3 : Johnny Jamison Insta:… Twitter:… If you want to send a personal TRUE story of yours, please send it through email: Anything … Read more

3 Disturbing True Instagram Horror Stories

Story #1 in this video is a new addition to a video uploaded over a year ago that had to be reuploaded. Insta:… Twitter:… If you want to send a personal TRUE story of yours, please send it through email: Anything with poorly structured sentences and grammar will not be read, so … Read more

Fears to Fathom: Home Alone

This game is TERRIFYING. There’s something so scary and so deepy unsettling about the “ordinary” situation of an unwanted intruder…

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3 True Home Alone Horror Stories Animated

3 True Home Alone Horror Stories Animated #homealone #scary #IMR These are DUNKIN DONUTS Horror stories. Do enjoy and leave a like. Story 1 & 3 written by ARITRI CHATTERJEE Story 2 written by Gustavo Male Narration by Rob Female Narration by Molly source

58 Strange But True Facts That Will Shock You

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Home Alone 2 | Nick and Tani Prank Combo for Thief – Scary Teacher 3D |VMAni Funny|

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Channon Rose Box: OMG you guys! You will not believe what happened the other night! We got a knock at the door at night and I went to look through the peephole and the man scared me a bit so I told Travis to open it. You are not going to believe what happened … Read more

3 True Disturbing October Horror Stories

To kick off the season, here are three allegedly true horror stories that happened in October, sent by viewers. Story 1 : Martin K. Story 2 : “Rectifier” Story 3 : Michael Morhardt Insta:… Twitter:… Listen to these stories + more: Spotify: Apple Music: If you want to send a personal … Read more

3 Scary TRUE Amusement Park Stories

Here are 3 accounts of people’s creepy experiences they’ve had at amusement parks. Warning! Some of these stories are genuinely disturbing. You can get scared from watching a scary movie or listening to a creepypasta but at the end of it you are comforted by the fact that they are simply fiction. But what about … Read more

Weird Things Teenagers Do

Everyone has been or will be a teenager once in their life, and we all know teens do some weird, strange and sometimes stupid things. But what’s the point of life if you can’t be a little weird? Let us know if you can relate! Enjoy. 🙂 BECOME A HOMIE: BEHIND THE SCENES: … Read more

17 Weird Things You Do Home Alone | Smile Squad Comedy

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3 Disturbing Horror Stories That Happened in Real Life

These are 3 Disturbing Horror Stories that happened in real life. Follow me on 🔻 Twitter ➧ Discord server link ➧ Donate to me here ➧ _________________________________________ Gaming Channel ➧ Primary sources 1) 2) 3) DISCLAIMER: All material in this video is used for educational purposes and fall … Read more

3 True Disturbing Postmates/DoorDash Stories

Food delivery apps have become some of the most widely used phone apps in recent years. But, just like everything else, there too are horror stories to tell involving Postmates/DoorDash. Story 1 : “therealjamescrocker” Story 2 : Anonymous Story 3 : Tracy L. *There were some audio/music overlapping issues that kept happening with the video … Read more

15 SHOCKING Behind the Scenes Facts about Home Alone 2

You’re about to discover 15 shocking behind the scene facts about Home Alone 2 – Lost in New York, such as: why the Talkboy didn’t really work, what Home Alone 2’s original title was really going to be, many hidden and not-so-hidden (Donald Trump) cameos in the movie, and how “Johnny” from Angels with Filthier … Read more

Joe Pesci's Life Is More Interesting Than You Would Think

Joe Pesci is an odd guy. Not a freakish kind of odd. It’s just that he goes completely against the grain of the public’s perception of him. One day, he’s a guitarist whose dream is to become an east coast lounge singer — a couple of years later, he’s playing opposite Robert De Niro, and … Read more

Home Alone | Episode 3 | Horror Video | Scary Dreams | Forever young with Syna Anand

Home Alone | Episode 3 | Horror Video | Scary Dreams | Forever young with Syna Anand I am back with my new Video “Home Alone” (Episode-3) Hope u all like this Video ❤ Do Like, Share, Comment & Subscribe to my YouTube Channel for more content.🥳 FOREVER YOUNG WITH SYNA Please Don’t Forget to … Read more