The internet's most DISTURBING challenge explained (graphic content NSFW)

THis is the internets most duranged and disturbing challenge to date… and its still up FOLLOW ME EVERYWHERE ▼ ♦ Instagram: ♥ Twitter: ♠ Twitch: ♣ Snapchat: sp0uk 0:00 Intro 2:40 Beginner (Tier 1) 6:20 Easy (Tier 2) 8:14 Medium (Tier 3) 10:04 Hard (Tier 4) 14:08 Insane (Tier 5) 18:45 Removed … Read more

The Obscure YouTube Video Iceberg Explained (GRAPHIC CONTENT)

The Obscure YouTube Video Iceberg Explained (GRAPHIC CONTENT) Thank you guys so much for the support, it means a lot to me since I’ve worked so hard to be at this point. Let me know which part of the video intrigued you the most in the comments. Copyright Disclaimer: Under Section 107 of the Copyright … Read more

The Disturbing Video Game Iceberg Explained (GRAPHIC CONTENT)

The Disturbing Video Game Iceberg Explained (GRAPHIC CONTENT) I put so much time and effort into this video but I enjoyed the process and I think it came out nicely. I hope that you enjoyed it as well. If you did, supporting the channel and video would help me out a ton and I would … Read more

WARNING: This video contains graphic and disturbing images. If I didn't to the winning t

WARNING: This video contains graphic and disturbing images. If I didn’t to the winning to the election because of Kwabena ogyam okrabirifo and Elder Opare Kokonsani,anka abonua ntwa akokor ti, Otuo b3tow in GAANA…. me Okoto I will cause confusion in GAANA,me anka I will do gidigidi and causing to the confusion.. am sending you … Read more


Join this channel to get access to perks: VIDEO CREDIT: TRUE CRIME RECAP PLEASE SUBSCRIBE TO TRUE CRIM RECAP THANK YOU FOR YOUR VIDEO #truecrime #veterans #crime #murdermystery #delphi #truecrimeunsolved #murder #murderpodcast #chriswatts #delphi #truemurder Instagram: FamilyTrueCrime Twitter: FamilyTrueCri PayPal 💰$RodneyTruthTv CashApp 💰$RockFields For Video Suggestions Support A Combat Veteran YouTube True Crime … Read more

Hair trends in 1935 (1935)

GAUMONT BRITISH NEWSREEL (REUTERS) To license this film, visit Styles of the 18th and 19th century inspire the hairstyles of 1935 Full Description: SLATE INFORMATION: Past and Present – Modes of yesteryear inspire Dame Fashion USA: Florida: Miami: EXT ATHLETICS Ditto Organised By Newspaper CROSS-COUNTRY Ditto 1935 FASHIONS FRENCH, AMERICAN, ENGLISH ETC. Emil – … Read more

Abstract: The Art of Design | Paula Scher: Graphic Design | FULL EPISODE | Netflix

Step inside the minds of the most innovative designers in a variety of disciplines and learn how design impacts every aspect of life. In this episode: Graphic designer Paula Scher paints with words, developing the visual language of iconic brands and institutions around the world. US Rating: TV-14; May not be suitable for ages 14 … Read more

The 9 Best Graphic Tee Brands for Men in 2021 | Look for Father's Day Gifts & Get Design Inspiration

The 9 Best Graphic Tee Brands for Men in 2021 | Look for Father’s Day Gifts & Get Design Inspiration. I talk about looking for good tshirt designs and study them. Here is a list of popular t-shirt shops for men. Look at these and get inspired. Here is the link to the article I … Read more

Twiggy 60s Makeup Tutorial | MOD Graphic Liner & Eyelashes | 1960s Transformation

Hey hey it’s Jackie & I’m back with a Halloween 2017 Vintage Vibes inspired tutorial, where we are recreating the Iconic Twiggy 60’s makeup, cropped hairstyle & style. This 60s Makeup Tutorial | MOD Graphic Liner & Eyelashes is all about experimenting with liquid liner, faux freckles and a subtle metallic lip, I hope you … Read more

How to Change HAIRSTYLES in Photoshop – Realistic Hair Swap Tutorial

In this Photoshop tutorial, you will learn to composite hair into a photo to give a person a new hairstyle. ► Subscribe to My Channel Here: If you have any questions, please leave them below or head over to this tutorial’s page on our website: ➜ ADOBE STOCK PHOTOS Man: Hairstyle: 👍 Subscribe … Read more

"Old Skool" Classic Retro Style Motion Graphic

This is a video I made(from a tutorial) using Adobe After Effects CS3. It is supposed to be in the style of old motion graphics used for film and television bumpers/identities during the 70’s and 80’s. There’s a grid, some colorful gas clouds, shiny glistening-3D-glowing-metallic text, and it’s all topped off with a “bad TV” … Read more

Ghost Dance-Alice Gomez-Native American music

This song “Ghost Dance” is from Alice Gomez’s album “Obsidian Butterfly”. All this amazing art and the artists who created it are hosted on the PS delux web site. They even have tutorials on how to make graphic computer art like the images in this video. I am not affiliated with either the music … Read more

Graphic Design Trends 2022

Millions of assets. Unlimited downloads. First month 70% off! Find out the Graphic Design Trends we’re seeing in 2022 in our video. Intro (0:00) WHAT IS ENVATO ELEMENTS? (0:18) Want to produce something amazing but just don’t have the time to put it all together? Take the fuss out of creative production with a … Read more

How to Tips for Creating Social Media Graphics – Graphic Design Tutorial

Want to increase traction on your social media profiles? Creating appealing and actionable social media graphics with these quick tips. After watching the video, start creating your own with Visme: — Sometimes your social media graphics don’t get as much traction as you’d like, even when using a template, so we’ve compiled an awesome … Read more

The Top 5 Best Graphic T-Shirt Brands (High Quality Graphic Tees, Ideas for Christmas)

I promise all of these brand have graphic t-shirt I would actual. It is very important for me to provide you with high quality options for you guys. Let me know if you guys order from these brands. Links: Insta: Tiktok: source

GRAPHIC | Vikings' Everson Griffen posts Disturbing Video Waving Gun

Early Wednesday morning, Griffen made several Instagram posts, all of which have been deleted, including a video that showed the defensive end inside his home with a pistol, which he said belongs to him. “I’m in my house. N—– trying to pop me,” Griffen said in the video. “I’ve still got clips left. This is … Read more

Deaths During Travis Scott Astroworld Concert | Graphic Footage from Concertgoers

Law enforcement in Texas reports at least eight people are dead and dozens are injured after the crowd “surged” during a performance by rapper Travis Scott at the Astroworld music festival on Friday, November 5. This is video from inside the event shared across social media. It’s graphic but does not include the more graphic … Read more


Introducing “Vintage Inspired Boho Fashion” LIVE OUT LOUD!..SHOW THE WORLD YOUR PERSONALITY! Festivals, Concerts, Weekends, or a Fun Date! What are you feeling today? What personality do you want to send to the world? Creating a “GTO”—a simple, “GO-TO OUTFIT” to cut down stress when you face your closet is a must. And what is … Read more

Graphic Design || How To Create Infographics || Free Templates

Tags: free images,for kids,dress up,free website photos,royalty free images,free stock photos,free stock images,where to get free images,free images for websites,free stock photos for websites,royalty free stock photos,free images for website use,images for website use,best free photo website,where to get free stock photos,royalty free images for websites,pexels,flickr,best websites for free stock photos,best royalty free images,techgumbo,graphic designer,graphic … Read more

Police Kill Man Live On Video in Minneapolis – Graphic Footage – Disturbing Visuals

Minneapolis Police Officer places knee in detainees neck while screams he cant breathe until the detainee becomes non responsive and dies live on camera whole spectators watch in horror amd protest. To support the movement or donate to NFN Cashapp –  $Thunnybrown and if your not able to donate hit the like button, subscribe, share … Read more

Top 5 LEVELING Guide in New World MMO! *UPDATED* New World Leveling & New World MMO Leveling Guide

Top 5 LEVELING Guide in New World MMO! *UPDATED* New World Leveling & New World MMO Leveling Guide Subscribe to the channel for more quality content! ► Youtube: Join the discord to get your chance to talk with me and many others players from around the world! ► Discord: Follow me on twitter … Read more

Darkest YouTube Videos Iceberg Explained (GRAPHIC CONTENT) Use promo code: “EUDOXIA” for 20% off your first box! Welcome to the darkest YouTube videos iceberg. In this one, I´ll introduce and show some of the darkest YouTube videos, while giving as much context and information as possible. Some of these topics were already covered in the prior iceberg, but most of them … Read more

This man is the reason the death penalty exists (*MATURE AUDIENCES ONLY*)

🎃 This is video number 3 of the 2021 Halloween “Scare-A-Thon” which features some of the scariest stories on the internet… boo! *WARNING* — Graphic content Time Stamp: #1 — “5 Hacks” — 0:40 — A young hitchhiker finds themself trapped in one of the worst situations imagineable Our most popular series: “Top 3 places … Read more

Fancy program in protest of Modi’s visit! Disturbing graphic video / Strictly prohibited for Children.

Strictly prohibited for Children. Cows have been sacrificed in protest of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to Bangladesh, known as the butcher of Gujarat, and for the forgiveness of the souls of martyrs on the border, including Felani. The program was held on Thursday (March 25, 2021) at Shahbagh in the capital. An organization … Read more

Why The Navy Made This Disturbing Bath Salt Abuse Video | ABC World News Tonight |

Martha Raddatz reports on the military’s aggressive stance against the use of illegal street drug bath salts. SUBSCRIBE for the latest news and updates from ABC News ► To read the full story and others, visit Watch more news stories from ABC News! More ABC World News Tonight ► Similar headlines from … Read more

Kitchen Makeover: Black & Brass

In this dramatic transformation, designer Charlie Coull overhauls a closed-off Victorian kitchen and turns it into an open-concept space ideal for entertaining. See how black-panelled patio doors set the stage for the kitchen’s high-contrast palette, while open shelving in a light oak finish keeps the gathering space from looking too dark. Touches of unlacquered brass and … Read more

11 inspiring graphic design trends for 2021

99designs by Vistaprint has compiled a list of graphic design trends for 2021: The great thing about graphic design trends is that each year arrives with the opportunity for a reset. And given the challenging shape of 2020, the design trends of 2021 may offer us the biggest breath of fresh air yet. While … Read more


A teenager, a 16 year old boy, dives off the seaside promenade in Beirut, Lebanon and slips before the dive. The slip causes him to miss the ocean and instead hit the concrete slab below where fishermen fish. He hits the concrete face first, then goes into the ocean. In a short while, the ocean … Read more

10 stunning graphic design trends for 2020

99designs has compiled a list of graphic design trends for 2020: Staying up to date on graphic design trends is crucial for graphic designers and business owners alike. With the dawn of a new decade upon us, it’s clear graphic design is also poised to reach new heights. In 2020 we’ll see futurism coming … Read more


This by far was the most disturbing Naruto episode I have ever witnessed in my 22 years of life. It will forever scar me from this show that I deemed a childhood classic. Next time you go to church PLEASE PRAY FOR ME! Hope you guys enjoyed it though! 2500 LIKES AND I’LL GET PART … Read more

After Watching How Gummy Candies Are Really Made, You’ll Never Eat Them Again (Disturbing & Graphic)

After Watching How Gummy Candies Are Really Made, You’ll Never Eat Them Again Disturbing Graphic All media is released under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 license on condition that all copies, redistributions and transmissions attribute the source with the understanding that any of the above conditions may be waived. if you (OWNERS) want to remove … Read more

202 – Theory: Modern Trends in Graphic Design and how to follow them?

#DigiSkills #SEO #GraphicDesigning #tutorials #Courses #vu #Urdu #WordPress #Freelancing #AutoCAD #CreativeWriting Subscribe for weekly update. What is the DigiSkills Program? Advent of new ICT technologies has opened a myriad of new possibilities for knowledge workers across the globe by enabling them to provide their services remotely to clients. By leveraging these ICT technologies, a new … Read more

TOP DESIGN TRENDS 2021: Should You Follow Graphic Design Trends!?

What is set to trend in 2021 within the graphic design industry? Find out what trends are likely to appear and emerge into the new year, and if you should even follow design trends; do you think you should be following graphic design trends heading into 2021? 🔴 Check out Milanote & sign up for … Read more

14 Trends in Graphic Design for 2020

Capitalizing on trends in design and business is a great way to stay culturally relevant and assure your success. In this video, I share 14 Trends in Graphic Design for 2020. Join me in exploring these contemporary trends you can use to inspire your designs and build your brand! I was in the fashion industry … Read more

Randonautica Videos That Are Too Creepy To Watch Alone: GRAPHIC

A compilation of the latest and greatest randonautica videos and channels from social media. Randonautica is a app you can download and by using the app mixed with a intention from your mind, randonautica will send you Co-ordinates that you must follow to find what it is you were thinking about. In other words, Randonautica … Read more

The Restraint of Muslims (WARNING: GRAPHIC VIOLENCE)

WARNING! This video contains depictions of real graphic violence and disturbing medical pictures. If I could, I would make this age-restricted myself, but YouTube doesn’t provide that option yet, so it has to get flagged and go through the process based on always adapting policies and subjective interpretation. To whomever is reviewing this video on … Read more

15 Graphic Design Trends for 2019

Capitalizing on trends in design and business is a great way to stay culturally relevant and assure your success. In this video, I share 15 Trends in Graphic Design for 2019. Join me in exploring these contemporary trends you can use to inspire your designs and build your brand! 1:28 The Darkness 2:06 That’s so … Read more

Blended Colors Modern Graphic Design Tutorial in Hindi | New Trends 2019

Learn How to design Blended Colors Modern Graphic Design in Photoshop . New Graphic Design Trends 2019 . Download All Files ( PSD , Shaped and Images ) Blended Colors PSD Font Used : Gilroy , Bebas Neue Photoshop – CC 2019 Email ID Social Links Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: Website: … Read more