Sporty Girl vs. Fitness Girly | WHO IS FITTER?! #shorts

Growingannanas the at home workout queen, and myself (a washed up athlete) go head to head in some different exercise’s. Nice to show that 2 people that are “fit” can have such drastically different body types & movement patterns 🙂 #shorts Need WORKOUT MUSIC?! I GOT YOU: My HIIT Workout Spotify Playlist: My Stretching … Read more

Quick Ways To Get Fitter For Cyclists | GCN's Quick Fitness Tips

Getting fit can take time. Cycling for hours a day, every day, but seeing no fitness gains straight away can be really frustrating! Fortunately, it’s not all about spending time in the saddle – so Manon’s here with her top fitness tips to help you get fit quick! Do you find it easy to find … Read more