Have You Ever Heard of Bungee Fitness?

Tired and uninspired by your workout routine? This latest fitness trend will take you to new heights. It’s called Bungee Fitness, and it’s going to have you bouncing and soaring. “It’s not your typical just going on the treadmill or just doing your own little workout at the gym,” student and massage therapist Stephanie Garcia … Read more

Fitness – Fitness Island

Der Fitness Island Fitnessbereich mit 100 Geräten und elektronischem Trainingssystem von Aktiv Konzepte umfasst neben vielen Ausdauergeräten und freien Gewichten drei Kraftgeräteserien von Life Fitness, dem führenden Fitnessgerätehersteller aus den USA: Circuit, Signature und MTS. Hiermit können die Trainingsbedürfnisse von Anfängern über ambitionierte Athleten aller Sportarten bis zur Therapie auf höchstem Niveau abgedeckt werden. Durch … Read more

Best Gym Workout for Men & Women @ Da Lyfstyle Fitness

Da Lyfstyle #Fitness is one of the finest and dedicated #gym in Ghaziabad. The gym is fully equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and machines. We believe in giving right guidance and direction to our clients. We as a gym have made sure to stay up to date with the advancements in technology & techniques To make … Read more

Abs exercise "Core Shaker Workout" at Women's Bay Ridge Health Club Gym – Alana Life & Fitness

Call now (718) 748-7700 or go to http://alanalife.com/spring14 To reserve your free but limited spot! The 30 Day Bay Ridge Babes Fitness Challenge is still accepting registrants as long as there are spots left. This community program called The 30 Day Bay Ridge Babes Fitness Challenge, goes from May 17th to June 16th. All Bay … Read more