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What Are Farms??? | Ellie Explorer’s Animal Adventures | Animal Fun Facts for Kids Click to SUBSCRIBE http://bit.ly/2hTRrGR Hey friends, I’m Elli Explorer! Join me each week for fun songs and musical learning. My channel features songs with all types of animals, helping young children to learn names, colors, numbers and the noises animals make. … Read more


Today we do a Rexter Reacts to a popular new arg going around youtube called Happy Meat farms! This video series is amazing and filled with a mix of humor and horror that I’m sure you guys will love! If you want to see some more videos like this please do me a big favor … Read more

Undercover video shows disturbing animal abuse at Lee County farms

Slaughterhouse owners and workers from the Miami area and elsewhere have moved their illegal businesses to Lee County in an attempt to avoid law enforcement, Animal Recovery Mission representatives said Thursday in a news release. source

INSECTS! Ellie Learns About Creepy Crawlies | Episode 7 | Animal Education Videos for Children

Click to SUBSCRIBE http://bit.ly/2hTRrGR Hey! I’m excited to share with you the new episode of my series with Obo and Eve, as we look to teach you everything you need to know about these creepy crawly insects! If you enjoyed the video be sure to hit the like button and leave a comment about what’s … Read more

A Disturbing Look At Korea's Dog Farms

South Korea’s Dog Fight: Eating dog meat has been a custom in South Korea for generations, but cultural perceptions are shifting. South Koreans are now lobbying to end the practice and shut down the nation’s dog meat farms. Subscribe to Journeyman here: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=journeymanpictures “Every country has their own unusual food, but somehow only Korea has … Read more

Boho Bridal Styled Shoot at Howe Farms

This Moroccan-inspired styled bridal shoot will serve as just the unique inspiration our brides need as the boho trends continue to take the wedding industry by storm. Styled by Kate Harper with Harper Event Company, photographed by Sara Larae Photography, and filmed by Axel Marshall Productions, the off-beat vibes and colors pop against The Vineyard … Read more

Animal Abuse. Warning:Extremely Disturbing. Farm to Fridge short w/subtitles See MercyForAnimals.org

Short version Farm to Fridge with subtitles used by permission of Mercy For Animals www.MercyForAnimals.org Animals are intelligent living beings but cannot speak any languages. They scream in pain to communicate their horror of being tortured and killed. Humans kill around 60 BILLION animals for food each year. A plant based diet is a more … Read more