Made In Heaven Makes People RAGEQUIT!! (NEW JOJO DLC)

Pucci final form aka Made in heaven pucci aka maiden heaven is BROKEN In JoJo All Star Battle R this new jojo fighting game is super addicting, and while it’s a remastered version of an older game, it’s still super fun! the only negative that i’ve noticed so far, is the subpar netcode. In today’s … Read more

8 Weird Dragon Ball Facts EXPLAINED

In various guises, #DragonBall has been a plethora of weird plot holes and explanations. But thanks to the recent game, Dragon Ball Z Kakarot, we can start to put some of the myths to bed as well as start to figure out other various things that have happened so joins us as we solve 8 … Read more

Obscure Arcade Games – Dragonball Z: V.R.V.S

Obscure Arcade Games is a series in which I look at some of the most obscure arcade games in gaming history. Today, we play Dragonball Z: V.R.V.S by Banpresto. I’m Jordan H J, and welcome to obscure arcade games. #ObscureArcadeGames #RetroGaming #Arcade source

Emiya Shirou in Your Bizarre Adventure.. | Roblox YBA

SORRY FOR USING SPECS BUT IT IS WHAT IT IS WE TOOK SOME LOSES BUT WE MADE A COMEBACK YESSIR! HELP ME GET 10K SUBS My Discord: Discord link: Game link: – What is ROBLOX? ROBLOX is an online virtual playground and workshop, where kids of all ages can safely interact, create, … Read more

10 COOLEST Dragon Ball Gadgets On Amazon

Dragon Ball is considered an absolute classic in the anime world and for a good reason! It has given us countless memorable characters, fights, and storylines. For any diehard fan of the series, owning cool merch is essential and Amazon has a great deal of the kinds of gadgets you should be looking to buy! … Read more

Top 5 Obscure Video Game Systems uit mijn collectie (Afl. 49 – Mattie's Gameroom)

Deze gameconsoles zijn allemaal wat minder bekend, misschien heb je zelfs nog nooit van ze gehoord. Ze waren weinig succesvol en daardoor moeilijk om te vinden. Retroking Matthijs de Top 5 Obscure Systems uit zijn collectie zien in de nieuwe aflevering van Mattie’s Gameroom. Heb jij ook bijzondere gameconsoles thuis staan? Like deze video en … Read more

Bizarre Facts über den Freezer-Clan

Ich habe bei meiner Recherchie über den Freezer-Clan einige… bizarre Details über sie gefunden. Lasst sie mich mit der Welt teilen. Vorheriges Video: #Dragonball #Freezer #Cooler source