Drone Captures What Nobody Was Supposed to See

There are spectacular events, incidents, weather phenomena, and even bizarre things happening around the world every second. But while we might get to see some of these on social media and television, nothing can quite beat watching one from a drone point of view. In this video, we’re going to show you some incredible drone … Read more

15 Weird Things Caught On Camera By Drone

In 1915, Serbian-American inventor, electrical engineer, mechanical engineer, and futurist Nikola Tesla wrote about unmanned aerial vehicles. But it wasn’t until World War I that the first pilotless torpedo was invented. And since then, we’ve been flying higher with drone technology and seeing even further since they have cameras now. New heights and new sights, … Read more

Top 15 Weird Things Caught On Drones No One Should Have Seen

Top 15 Weird Things Caught On Drones No One Should Have Seen Knowledge is power. But, is it always good? Perhaps we would be calmer if we did not know and even more so did not see some things. But progress is relentless, and we have at our disposal drone footage that can surprise, amaze … Read more

Drone Captures What No One Was Supposed to See #2

You never know what you’re going to get when you break out your drones at these heights, in these fascinating locales, or in the face of danger. The great thing about this technology is it really gives us a birds eye view of some extraordinary things – even if we’re not meant to – like … Read more


Today Topic : 15 WEIRD THINGS CAUGHT ON CAMERA BY DRONE! Welcome to: Q-Did You Know? 😍 This is a general entertainment channel! As you all know, due to the fast technology development, many modern flycams have been invented nowadays, which help people filming from above very easily So that’s why there are endless funny … Read more

15 Times Drones Spotted The Weirdest Things

In the right hands, drone technology can bring so many benefits to the world; useful information,never-before-seen visuals, and legitimate problem solving. The future is here, and drones are atestament to that fact. Drone technology lets us see astounding places that we never imaginedwe’d be able to go. Often breathtaking, sometimes shocking, terrifying even – and … Read more

Weird Things Caught On Camera By Drone!

Nobody would believe if these videos weren’t shot from drones. Hi! Drones are very popular nowadays, they are now cheaper and better and that’s why more people are interested in aerial photography and video. These days anybody can make professional quality footages, which is why you can now find so many interesting, funny and sometimes … Read more