Out of Bounds: Obscure VGM 43 (Guest Mix)

Fourth guest mix comes from Jasper creator of noclip.website. A site that has been really helpful in making these mixes. If you didn’t know noclip.website is a digital museum of video game levels. It provides you the tools for exploring video game levels up-close. Jasper mix includes relaxing jams of Bossa Nova, Jazz Fusion and … Read more

10 Creepy out of Bounds Discoveries in Video Games – Boundary Break

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The Most Bizarre Things Found Out Of Bounds In Games

Placeholder textures, unfinished landscapes, unreleased content, and even inside jokes have become something of a treasure hunt for gamers who enjoy utilizing a free-floating camera. Scrapped ideas can be deciphered, unused bosses can be found, and snarky memos between departments can be seen. Unused crypt | 0:16 Pie face | 1:07 Hidden warning | 1:51 … Read more