Samsung Bespoke Appliances: Why It's a Problem

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Ranking Men's RTW Suits (54 BEST and WORST Menswear Brands!)

How do ready-to-wear suit brands stack up against each other? We rank 54 of them today: #suit #readytowear #notsponsored Want to know more about Suits? Check here: SHOP THE VIDEO: → Two-Tone Knit Tie in Navy and Light Blue Changeant Silk – Fort Belvedere – → Silk Pocket Square in Brown with … Read more

The Watch I Wore Most In 2020, By 30 Members of the HODINKEE Team

In what has become an annual tradition around here, for our final post of the year we polled a selection of HODINKEE team members to find out which watches saw the most wrist time in 2020. Some you know well, and others you probably don’t; the HODINKEE team has grown by leaps and bounds over … Read more

Top 10 Ukuleles of 2021 – Southern Ukulele Store

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3 Different Types Of Suits | Off The Rack, Made To Measure, Bespoke

Explore the made to measure suits in the He Spoke Style Shop: When it comes to men’s suits, you have a few different options–off the rack, made to measure (or custom), and bespoke. In this video, I explain each different type of suit, go over the pros and cons, show you an example of … Read more

Wrangler | Body Bespoke | Fall Winter 2021

We believe your jeans should fit you, not the other way around. Wrangler’s unique Body Bespoke method treats each size like a new style, creating the most flattering fit whatever the number on the label. Every size deserves special attention, and by thinking about the right scale, dimensions and positioning for pockets and seams, Wrangler … Read more