The Liver King Lie

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How to Cook OLD SCHOOL BEEF MECHADO/ Filipino Style Beef Mechado Episodes 21

Mechado is a braised beef originating from the Philippines inspired by culinary methods of Spain, of which it was a former colony. The word mechado comes from Spanish term mecha. Mecha means “ WICK” due to the way the larded beef resembles a candlelight. On this recipe I put a garlic powder but you don’t … Read more

Bizarre Recalls 50 Cent Signing to Shady and Inheriting Rap Beef from 50 and Eminem

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Cuhmunity EP 08 | NY Preacher Gets Robbed, Charleston White, Vell & Flakko Beef

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Canned Corned Beef Brands Ranked From Worst To Best

It’s not everyone’s favorite, but if you like canned corned beef, you probably can’t get enough of the stuff. And if you don’t like it? Maybe you just haven’t ever tried the right kind. While canned corned beef originally was created out of necessity as a kosher substitute for Spam to feed soldiers, it quickly … Read more

The History Of Cornish Beef Pasties In Michigan, USA | Bizarre Foods: Delicious Destinations

Learn more about the Upper Peninsula of Michigan through its beloved local food! One of which is the hearty beef pasty, brought by the Cornish miners who moved there in the 1840s. From season 5 episode 1. 🇬🇧 Catch full episodes of your favourite Food Network shows on discovery+: Subscribe to Food Network UK … Read more

Waging war on the Jamaican patty: Canada’s bizarre beef with the delicious snack | Patty vs Patty

Patty vs. Patty tells the story of Toronto’s bizarre 1985 “patty wars,” when Jamaican-Canadian bakers went head-to-head with the federal government over the name of their beloved beef patty. #CBCShortDocs #PattyvsPatty

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At the time, the Meat Inspection Act determined a beef patty to be what goes in a hamburger. It could contain only meat and seasoning and it couldn’t be encased in dough or a crust. Therefore, a Jamaican patty — widely known as a flaky pastry with a spiced beef filling — didn’t meet the criteria.

Bureaucrats thought calling hamburger patties and Jamaican patties the same thing would be confusing to Canadians — despite the fact that the latter were already popular in cities like Toronto due to a wave of immigrants who arrived from the Caribbean in the ‘60s and ‘70s.

Food inspectors from Consumer and Corporate Affairs visited patty vendors across Toronto, demanding that the name of the savoury fare be changed. The officials threatened fines of $5,000 (more than $11,000 in today’s dollars) if the shops didn’t comply by changing their menus, packaging and signs to, well, anything except “patty.”

The vendors resisted. They refused to sell the patty under any other name.

Michael Davidson, the young manager of Kensington Patty Palace, found himself at the centre of the controversy when community outrage propelled the story into the media spotlight. Davidson made headlines in newspapers and on local TV news. Politicians got involved; lawyers got involved; both the Canadian and Jamaican governments got involved.

Eventually, bureaucrats and representatives for the vendors met at a so-called “patty summit” to find a resolution that would avoid an international crisis between Canada and Jamaica.

Told from Davidson’s perspective, Patty vs. Patty weaves together first-hand anecdotes, archival footage and satirical re-enactments to tell this story of bureaucracy gone amok, community resistance and a delicious pastry — officially known as the Jamaican patty ever since.

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America's Most Controversial Burger!!! Beef, Cheese, Obama!

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Shocking Video: Man Shot Point-Blank Range In Bronx Bodega!(Quickie#91)

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Disturbing Facts About Organic Food

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SEX AND YOU | Episode 63| Modern Trends │ Athmeeyayathra TV


Animal Abuse. Warning:Extremely Disturbing. Farm to Fridge short w/subtitles See

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