Top 10 Unsettling Historical Facts You Weren't Taught In School – Part 3

Top 10 Unsettling Historical Facts You Weren’t Taught In School – Part 3 Subscribe To Most Amazing Top 10: Subscribe To Most Amazing Top 10 Español: Most Recent Videos: We already know there are countless weird and disturbing things that have occurred throughout history. From binding books with human skin to grinding … Read more

Top 10 Bizarre Events From The Dark Ages

Top 10 Bizarre Events From The Dark Ages Subscribe: Follow us on Facebook: If you thought your job sucked, be lucky you weren’t born in The Dark Ages. Even if you were born into royalty, you could still end up wiping the Kings behind. Plagues, Battles, and Mob Football? Join us today on … Read more

The Bizarre Items In King Tut's Tomb That Baffled Scientists

Egyptians have been ahead of modern civilization in many aspects like medicine, construction, and whatnot. Logically, many things are still unexplainable that point the way to some extraterrestrial help. Yes, you heard that right. One such artifact was found in King Tut’s tomb which might prove their contacts with the extraterrestrial beings. Let’s uncover the … Read more

Top 5 Ancient African Inventions that first originated in Africa

Join this channel to get access to perks: In today’s video we look at the Top 5 Ancient African Inventions that first originated in Africa. Please, remember to subscribe and hit the notification bell and leave your comments below, on what your thoughts are about today’s topic, and what other ancient African inventions you … Read more

“Weird” Things You Did Not Know About Ancient Egypt’s Ramesses II

Ramesses the second may not have been the first of his name but he is certainly the one remembered as “Ramesses the great” despite his grandfather being the founder of an entire dynasty. One of the most celebrated pharaohs of the New Kingdom, Ramesses was considered a god, an exceptional leader, and a bane of … Read more

Weird Things that were “Normal” for Egyptian Pharaohs

Egyptian pharaohs stand apart from all other rulers and regents in the sands of time. From Menes (Men-ez) to Cleopatra, pharaohs lived a lavish life and were treated like gods. They dined on the finest food and bathed in milk and honey. Thousands of workers were employed to construct their tombs and they executed authority … Read more

8 Mind-Blowing Facts About The Ancient Past

The ancient world is a fascinating and mysterious place, but some facts about it are insane! In this video I discuss eight of my favourite discoveries about the ancient past. The Ancient Egyptians left behind a wealth of monuments, texts, frescos, sculptures and inscriptions which show how sophisticated their culture was. However, the evolution of … Read more

FUN FACTS ABOUT ANCIENT EGYPT | Educational Videos for Kids

Discover hundreds of never-before-seen resources! Create your free account at and start learning in the most entertaining way. source

Who were the Minoans? Europe's most bizarre civilization (Extended Version)

Who were the Minoans? EXTENDED VERSION The First Great European Civilization based on the island of Crete. Link to video I made on the Philistines Link to my video on the Mycenaeans Video on what was life like after the bronze age collapse This video is sponsored by my patrons over on Patreon source

10 BIZARRE Things That Were Normal in Ancient Egypt

10 bizarre things that were normal in Ancient Egypt. The history of Egypt has shown historical traditions and habits that would be seen as bizarre in modern days society. These weird discoveries show us truly how Egyptians lived back in the day. DON’T CLICK THIS LINK: ✅ For more amazing discoveries as well as … Read more

What If You Lived in Ancient Egypt?

Watch our Discussed episode where we dive deeper into life in Ancient Egypt with Dr. Salima Ikram: Imagine a time of scientific and mathematical innovation, magic, and fertile land irrigated by the great Nile River. Ancient Egypt was a successful and intelligent civilization that lasted for 3,000 years. What do you think your life … Read more

Top 10 Unusual Things Spoiled Queens Did In History

Top 10 Unusual Things Spoiled Queens Did In History Subscribe: Top 10 Unusual Things Spoiled Kings Did In History: it’s not easy being a queen. Government meetings, all that paperwork, you have to control the lands and make sure the people are happy and safe and while it’s one thing to have all … Read more


Top 10 WEIRD Facts About ANCIENT EGYPT! If there’s anything that the film “The Mummy” taught us about Ancient Egypt, it’s that you don’t want to mess around with their curses. There is plenty about the ancient civilization that would intrigue and delight us, though, and we are bringing ten of these wondrous facts to … Read more

The Egyptian myth of the death of Osiris – Alex Gendler

Dig into the Egyptian myth of Osiris, trapped by his brother, the warrior god Set, in a coffin and tossed into the Nile to die. — Long jealous of his older brother Osiris, the god who ruled all of Egypt, the warrior god Set plotted to overthrow him. Hosting an extravagant party as a ruse, … Read more

Ancient Egypt 101 | National Geographic

The Ancient Egyptian civilization, famous for its pyramids, pharaohs, mummies, and tombs, flourished for thousands of years. But what was its lasting impact? Learn how Ancient Egypt contributed to society with its many cultural developments, particularly in language and mathematics. ➡ Subscribe: About National Geographic: National Geographic is the world’s premium destination for science, … Read more

Top 10 Historical Facts So BIZARRE They Sound Fake

Top 10 Historical Facts So BIZARRE They Sound Fake Subscribe To Most Amazing Top 10: Most Recent Videos: So many things have happened since the beginning of time, that it’s hard to keep track. Some moments are definitely too weird to be real, but they did in fact happen. From strange traditions of … Read more

Creepy Things That Were "Normal" In Ancient Egypt

In today’s video I’m talking about some of the most mysterious & strangest things that people used to do back in ancient Egypt… Jessii’s Bookshelf Channel: Valentine’s Day Mystery Box: My Sister’s Channel: Moot’s Channel: My Vee Vlogs Channel: Learn More About YANA: My Social Media: Insta: @Jessiivee … Read more

Top 10 Unusual Things That Happened During The Industrial Revolution

Top 10 Unusual Things That Happened During The Industrial Revolution Subscribe: The industrial revolution was a pretty dark time. I mean, yeah sure there were a lot of advancements during this time, but at what cost? Well, i’ll tell you about all of the dark things that came during this time as we count … Read more

WEIRD Things You Did Not Know about Cleopatra

There is arguably no woman in ancient history who is as popular and well known in modern times as Cleopatra. Known for her wits and beauty, Cleopatra is remembered sadly for having an unfortunate and untimely end. But was she as amazing as she sounds, or was there a dark side of her that many … Read more

Top 10 Unusual Things Spoiled Kings Did In History – Part 2

Top 10 Unusual Things Spoiled Kings Did In History – Part 2 Subscribe: Top 10 Unusual Things Spoiled Kings Did In History: There were plenty of spoilt kings in history. Some of these rulers did NASTY things. Things that we cannot speak about on Youtube. We’ve covered spoiled queens lately, and of course, … Read more

5 Shocking Facts About History || Shorts || #katyayanfacts

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Egypt's 10 GREATEST Discoveries

These are some of the most fascinating and significant findings that have ever come out of Egypt, and we’re here to bring them to you because it is our duty as citizens of the world to do so. Subscribe to Talltanic Watch our “Evidence That Aliens HAVE Visited Earth ” video here:- Watch our … Read more

Top 10 Ancient Egyptian Inventions part 1

Ancient Egypt civilization thousands of years ago, one of the most flourishing ancient civilizations in history. Not only the pyramids became a wonder of the world, the ancient Egyptians also created many other wonderful Inventions. Our Twitter: Facebook: source

15 Mysterious Discoveries In Egypt That Scare Scientists

Sometimes, thinking about ancient Egypt is like thinking about an alien world. These ancient humans have so many questions that require answers; it sends many people into a tizzy of uncaring. However, there is probably much we can learn about ourselves, the world, and history if we look back. From bizarre rituals and lost cities … Read more

A Day In The Life Of An Egyptian Embalmer

Making mummies in ancient Egypt wasn’t for the faint of heart. Mummification was developed thousands of years ago but didn’t become standard practice in Egypt until the Old Kingdom (c. 2600-2150 BCE). Embalmers were sacred individuals tasked with making sure the bodies of loved ones were appropriately prepared to make the journey to the afterlife. … Read more

This Ancient Hall Of Records From Ancient Greece Is Said To Hold All Secrets Of The Ancient World!

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A Strange History of the Calendar

Have you ever wondered how exactly we got our current calendar? Was it always 12 months? How did they end up with 365 as the number of days? And why on earth do we have leap days, much less leap seconds? Writer and producer Daniel Seehausen is here to answer all of these questions and … Read more

15 Strangest Things Recently Discovered In Egypt

Egypt is without doubt one of the most mysterious countries in the world. Especially when you consider the Ancient Egyptians who lived there before the Arab conquests, as they were the ones who built famous wonders like the pyramids and the Sphinx. But that’s not to say that Egypt has not had its share of … Read more

15 Quite Bizarre Facts

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Top 10 Ancient Gadgets

Nowadays, we are extremely proud of the existent technology and we have come to rely on it for various things. But what was it like hundreds of years ago? What was technology for the cultures existent back then? Well, as history and archaeological findings have shown us, they did have technology and, of course, ancient … Read more

#648 The UNBELIEVABLE BIZARRE Story of the HOLLYWOOD CROSS – Daze With Jordan The Lion (5/16/2018)

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15 Bizarre ancient foods

Subscribe to Talltanic: Watch Our MOST Popular Videos: 15 Bizarre ancient foods Dining can be a very personal experience, and you probably know one or two people who eat some pretty bizarre foods, or odd combinations that you think could never surely go… but those are nothing compared to what was … Read more

Weird History of Birth Control and Contraception

In modern times we take the contraception and birth control for granted, but before those useful tools were invented, people were using all sorts of things to prevent pregnancy. In today’s educational animated video we look at the uncomfortable history and progression of contraception methods and see what we can learn from it and how … Read more


Ancient Egypt is one of the most fascinating places in the historical record. Their obsession with life after death, their grand pyramids and golden treasures, and the multitudes of evidence they left behind of their great works have captured the imaginations of people for thousands of years. However, underneath the veneer of mysticism and historical … Read more

What Type of Leader Was Cleopatra?

The life of Cleopatra VII, the last Egyptian pharaoh, was infamous, but she was far more than just the lover of Roman leaders Julius Caesar and Mark Antony. Born in 69 BC, she was the daughter of Ptolemy XII Auletes, a notoriously lackadaisical monarch, and rose to power as co-ruler with her brother in 51 … Read more

10 BIZARRE Things You Didn't Know About Cleopatra!

Unbelievable facts about Cleopatra! From the complexity of her family lineage to the sheer expanse of her influence. source

How the Egyptians Built the Pyramids

The Great Pyramid – the largest of several Egyptian pyramids found at Giza – is the only surviving wonder of the ancient world. With such a fantastical past, it has long been debated how those pyramids were built without the help of modern technology. Over the years, it has been conjectured that ancient Egyptians carried … Read more

Weirdest Facts About King Tut

More than almost any other ancient ruler, facts about King Tut, the boy who led an empire and was buried in a tomb stuffed with gold and artifacts, have been hard to deduce. Who was this young man given the responsibility of carrying on a line descended from the gods? How did he live? And … Read more