Afghanistan: Several people reported killed at Kabul airport as Afghans try to flee Taliban takeover

It’s a chilling image – dozens of people so desperate to escape Afghanistan that they cling to a US plane as it moves along the runway. (Subscribe: At least five have been killed in the chaos at Kabul’s airport, now one of the only places not under Taliban control. Elsewhere in the country, the … Read more

Viral Video में Afghan Comedian Khasa Zwan को Murder से पहले पीटते हुए दिखे Taliban Terrorists

The Taliban may have denied killing Afghanistan’s popular comedian Nazar Mohammad alias Khasa Zwan, but a shocking video has surfaced on social media in which Khasa is seen sitting on either side of him in a car and being beaten up by Taliban militants. The murder of the comedian has shocked the world. तालिबान ने … Read more