The Goblin Dance? On Drums? This Video Is Weird…

I… I just… Um… What? (Also, I totally got jebaited… I thought it was the real theme… LOL) — COME WATCH LIVE ON TWITCH! 😀 Mon, Tues, Fri and Sat at 4:30 EST! GET CONNECTED! Twitch | Twitter | Instagram | Facebook | Business Email | MERCH! #The8BitDrummer … Read more

10 Most Disturbing 8-Bit Video Game Bosses

While many video games of the 8-bit era had a famously happy-go-lucky vibe, there were some developers who used what little processing power that the third console generation had to bring unspeakable horrors to your screen. Despite not having as much power to work with, they still managed to create some true monstrosities that live … Read more

Obscure Sequels to Popular NES Games

PATREON ► STREAMS ► Every Thursday 9pm EST here on Youtube OBSCURE SEQUELS TO POPULAR NES GAMES ►A lot of your favorite games for the Nintendo Entertainment System received follow-ups in cartridge form, and for some reason many of them flew under the radar. This is the first in a series focused on these … Read more

Royalty Free Music – SACRED – Oceanic

Artist: SACRED Track: Oceanic Download: Licence: AudioPad Twitter: Note: If the licence is different to the licence shown at the download link, then the licence HERE applies, as an arrangement with the artist has been made to distribute music through AudioPad. AudioPad’s Twitter has CHANGED! The New Twitter Account is @Audio_Pad ( … Read more

Brawl Stars Animation – The Last Stand

Download NOW!! ►► Be a BRAWLER! Subscribe! ►► The Last Stand starts TOMORROW (September 10th)! #brawlstars #thelaststand An epic battle royale made for mobile! Play with friends or solo across a variety of game modes in under three minutes. Unlock and upgrade dozens of Brawlers with powerful Super abilities, Star Powers and Gadgets! … Read more

Creepy Brawlers NES Trailer – Mega Cat Studios Video Game

After a spectral hand pulls you out of your seat and into the silver screen, you become the underdog in an underworld championship. Lace-up your gloves and get ready to duck, bob, and weave as you punch-out a marathon of movie monsters, including the wolfman, backwoods psycho, and a very slick vampire. Dodge special attacks … Read more

13 WEIRD Riffs On Stylophone (#4 will crash you)

FLASHING LIGHTS WARNING! You can support me on Ko-fi First of all, don’t get me wrong on this one. I think that all of these songs are great. It’s just that every riff played in this video is a head turner. I can’t imagine that someone would listen to any of these songs and … Read more

stick vedio game gadgets for Pubg player Classic #shorts #youteb

Buy Now — GSH USB Wireless Console Game Stick Video Game Console Built-in 3000 Classic Games 8 Bit Mini Retro Controller HDMI Output Dual Player- 4K Ultra HD Game Stick In stock. Sold and fulfilled by GAME STATION HOUSE. Colour Black Brand GSH Age Range (Description) Kid Item Dimensions LxWxH 15 x 15 x … Read more

Okuyasu's Theme – The Hand [8-bit; 2A03] [16-bit; SNES] – JoJo's Bizarre Adventure

Oi Josuke! Check out my theme! Check this out on Spotify, along with more JoJo character themes! The animation for this one was done by Tenshi: Speaking of Twitter, you can follow me there! Delet This – Joker Kirby merch:… Support me on Patreon for downloads and remix requests! #jojosbizarreadventure … Read more

Jolyne's Theme – Stone Ocean [8-bit; VRC6] [16-bit; SNES] – JoJo's Bizarre Adventure

JoJo Stone Ocean… aaaaaaaaaaah 🎶 Check out my Spotify and Apple Music: Support me on Patreon: Credits (this is going to be a long one so here goes): Tenshi (Animation) – Mssgmx (Voice) – DGuo (Voice) – Ethan Chu (Voice) – DastardlyNun (Accompaniment touchup) – #JoJosBizarreAdventure #JoJo #ジョジョの奇妙な冒険 … Read more

A BIT CREEPY (Video Game Music)

An 8-bit video game tune, fitting the theme: “a bit creepy.” Contact me if you’re interested in using this or any other music. More of my music: source

Handheld Retro Gaming Console with 500 Games | UNBOXING

As you may know, I am a LOVER of vintage and retro games, and I was thrilled to find this little gem from my good friends over at Insane Tech. Their store is now LIVE with plenty of gaming accessories and other cool gadgets! Be sure to check them out: source

Bloody Stream [8-Bit; VRC6] – JoJo's Bizarre Adventure OP 2

Here’s a VRC6 8-bit arrangement of Bloody Stream by Coda! Thank you so much for 20k subs! This number was sort of a year-end goal for me, and it felt like quite a stretch back in January. I believe I had somewhere around 3k subs then. So why jojo all of a sudden? I’ve had … Read more

Atari 800XL: Weird Video Issue and Botched Soldering

▶Donations: ▶Patreon: ▶Website: ▶Odysee channel: ▶Facebook: Soldering and test equipment: ● FX-951 T12 soldering station ● Best BST-863 hot air rework station: ● Anesty (Duratool) ZD-915 thru-hole desoldering station ● Amtech NC-559 Tacky Flux: ● Goot Wick Desoldering Braid: ● Cynel Sn60Pb38Cu2 Tin/Lead Solder Wire: ● … Read more

NEW Gadgets for 8-Bit & Colt! | Sneak Peek & BEST Builds!

Download Jurassic Monster World for free 🦖 and get a special welcome pack! Best Build & Sneak Peek for 8-Bit’s & Colt’s 2nd Gadgets | KairosTime Subscribe Here: Brawl Stars Creator Code ► Become a Kairos Fan ► 8-Bit and Colt are getting 2nd gadgets this update and this is a … Read more

The Story of 5 Obscure Sega Consoles

This video looks at the stories behind five of Sega’s lesser known home consoles. Please support my creative work on Patreon: source