Vintage polka dot dress | 1950’s outfit | Thrifted Fashion | pin up style rockabilly

Gorgeous polka dot vintage dress in a 1950’s style. Subscribe for more videos #rockabilly #pinup #pinupstyle #pinuphair #vintage #vintagefashion #vintagestyle #vintageme #vintagemusic #outfit #dress #prelovedfashion #fashionista #fashion #rockabillystyle #pinupmakeup #secondhand #sustainablefashion #charityshop #shopping #amputee #disability #thrifting #fashionblogger #alt #alternative #alternativefashion #1960s #1950s #goodwood #goodwoodrevival source

Vintage Clothing Fashion Show at The Cats Pajamas

Fashion archives of vintage clothing, vintage dresses, vintage hats, vintage jewelry, featuring a Vintage Schiaparelli cocktail dress, a vintage Sarmi Coat, a Vintage Christian Dior wedding suit featured in a Harpers Bazaar Magazine in 1950, cotton house dresses from the 1940s, A genuine leopard coat, hat and matching bag, Downton Abbey era clothing, vintage Jantzen … Read more

Vintage dress | Designing clothes day-30 #shorts #art #fashion #1950s #vintage #dress #gothic

Vintage dress | Designing clothes day-30 Hello! I’m Nirvanya from Indonesia, and i’ve started a challenge for myself to draw clothing designs for everyday, for 356 days, no matter how bad the drawing turns out to be. Wish me luck! source

Valentine’s Target Haul | Vintage Inspired home decor and kitchen gadgets

Support me here: Follow me in real time: Business contact: (No I do not sew on commission and I don’t sell my work) source

40 Vintage Photos That Expose Beautiful Women! (1950’s, 1960s, 1970s)

In this new video from The Living Past History channel we will show you 40 Vintage Photos That Expose Beautiful Women!!! 📸 👉 Make sure to Subscribe! ✅ ➤ RELATED VIDEOS: ➤ MORE VIDEOS: ——————— Some of the old photos might be disturbing for some viewers. Unfortunately human nature and our history has a bad … Read more

🥰 30 Rare and Interesting Historical Photos to Enjoy! Beautiful Photos of the Past💖History Colorized

Welcome to Sealed in time, where we bring color and life to beautiful old vintage photos. The team here at Sealed in Time are grateful that you have taken the time to enjoy our videos of 30 Interesting Historical Photographs with Interesting Facts to Enjoy! Our goal is to document moments in time in a … Read more

Universal Genève: History of an Incredible Value Vintage Brand + 1959 Watch | Armand The Watch Guy

In today’s video, I would like to discuss Universal Genève, a brand which has been lost to time but which produced some of the most beautiful and remarkable watches of the mid-20th century. I would also like to talk about a wonderful dress watch from 1959 which I have acquired from the brand recently with … Read more

What is our favorite tiki bar in San Francisco?

To make the the drink in the video you will need: ————————————– BREEZEWAY COCKTAIL HOUR COCKTAIL 3/4oz fresh lime juice 3/4oz fresh orange juice 3/4oz fresh white grapefruit juice 1/4oz Demerara sugar syrup  1/4oz cinnamon syrup  1/4oz falernum  1 tsp ginger syrup ~ 1/4oz 1 oz soda water 1 oz Hamilton White Stache 1 oz … Read more

Hairstyle Trends For 2011

Please watch: “The 10 Hottest Sex Positions Ranked By YOU” ➨ -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Demo Pedulla from Salon Augustin shares some of the hottest hairstyles and trends of 2011 that every man should be aware of. For more trends and styles click this link: AskMen: Follow us on Facebook: Follow us on Twitter: … Read more

These Photos Show The Scary And Bizarre Medical Devices In History

History has been recorded since the first photographs were taken in the late 1820s. Now we can actually see real events as they happen and connect to past events in ways that are impossible for most of human existence. So take a trip down memory lane and check out these amazing historical photos! These Photos … Read more

Vintage Fashion: 1950s Cocktail Print Dress

Today I talk about the inspiration behind our cocktail print – you might be surprised to learn the original source. This is a sneak preview of what’s coming to What Katie Did later this year, unfortunately the production of new designs is currently on hold due to Covid-19. * New video every weekend* Any questions, … Read more

(more) songs to slow dance to in the kitchen at 2 a.m. with the one you love

thank you all so much for 100 subscribers!! decided to make another slow dance playlist in celebration 🙂 follow my spotify: photo credit: none of these songs or videos used to make this are mine. All credit goes to every single rightful owner. Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, … Read more

Watch Review – Recommended vintage watch brands for a watch enthusiast ~ 1930s to 1960s

1-time support: Support channel on Patreon: Website: Instagram: Hope you guys will enjoy this one. I will go through 9 different vintage watches that I personally recommend. These watches are worth every penny! Hope you’ll enjoy this video as I will continue to produce more of this kind of video. Please … Read more

Vintage Clothing Haul, Vintage Reproduction Dresses, Cardigans and Sweaters, Retro Rockabilly Style

My collection of vintage reproduction clothing from Hell Bunny, Banned Apparel and Voodoo Vixen. Retro Glam – Rosie the Rebel – Thank you to all the new likes & subscribers 🙂 My Etsy Shop – Etsy Instagram – @whatadollboutique Personal Instagram – @a_retro_doll Disney Pin Instagram – @pinup_pin_trader Facebook – Contact … Read more


Pure luxury in the mid 1950s. Something the lady of the house dreamed of – AN ELECTRIC DISHWASHER & A HUSBAND THAT COULD VIBRATE HER AS WELL AS THE DISHWASHER COULD. For more vintage pop culture, from the 1950’s, 1960’s & the 1970’s, you might enjoy visiting TV TOY MEMORIES source

If you grew up in the 1970s…you remember this – Life in America

Thank you for watching, please consider supporting Recollection Road by clicking the THANKS button on this video. You can also contiribute on Patreon for only $3: ========================= Subscribe to Recollection Road: Subscribe to Recollection Road – Movies and Television: ========================= #recollectionroad #nostalgia source

Vintage 1950's Beauty Salon A Short archive film of a 1950’s beauty salon in Havana. For authentic 1940’s and 1950’s makeup guides, keep an eye out for our soon to be launched Vintage Makeup Guide. Also pay a visit to Besame Cosmetics and add a real touch of glamour to your vintage look. Original footage courtesy of … Read more

Vintage Weight Loss Exercise Machine Fads (1930's, 1940's, 1950's, 1960,'s)

The mid-20th century saw some bizarre weight loss fads. In the ’40s, women spent time in “slenderizing salons” where machines claiming to shape their body were used — like the Slendo Massager, the Walton Belt Vibrator, and the Vita Master Fat Massager. Although the vibrating exercise belt was invented in the 1800s, it didn’t become … Read more

1950s Makeup | 1950s Makeup Tutorial

#s #vintage #sfashion #retro #vintagestyle #sstyle #oldhollywood #pinup #vintagefashion #rockabilly #midcentury #pinupgirl #classichollywood #vintageclothing #classic #pinupstyle #hollywood #midcenturymodern #marilynmonroe #retrostyle #sdress #fashion #svintage #love #style #photography #blackandwhite #goldenageofhollywood #vintagehollywood #bhfyp source

Paul Brockmann's 55,000 Vintage Dresses

An interview with Paul Brockmann and a tour of his 55,000 vintage dresses. The video quality is not the best, sorry for the shaking in places. Thank you to the Brockmann family and to Leslie for assisting in filming. Video made for Visit me on facebook: Learn more about Paul’s 55,000 dresses, sale … Read more


I’ve been asked over the years how I work my retro style into my work life. I’m bringing you with me (warts and all) through my week, showing you how I style myself for my 9 to 5 job. I work in Marketing for a family owned company. To see what DIY videos I make … Read more

Why we’re fatter than in the 1950s – Warren Nash

We’re in the midst of an obesity crisis, despite being obsessed with diet & clean eating. In the 1950’s people were significantly thinner, whilst being less conscious about what they were eating. In this mini documentary I explore the differences in calorie intake and expenditure between the 1950s vs today. Is it just about having … Read more

Vintage Make-Up…I Love It!

Follow me on instagram here 100% of advertising revenue is donated to charity. Watch this video on my site for product links, tips and more info. If you want to learn more about the history of makeup, have a look at my FacePaint page It’s ‘Vintage Make-Up Week’ here on – … Read more

Swing Republic – Long Legs (Official Music Video) #electroswing film noir

OUT NOW! The BEST of SWING REPUBLIC: LONG LEGS was the title track of the second EP building to the electro swing pioneers ‘BEST OF’ compilation at the end of 2018. Featuring brand new material (both electro swing and more vintage influenced styles) LONG LEGS is the neo noir standard bearer for another collection … Read more

Kim Wore Marilyn Monroe's Dress And This Is Why It's Not Okay.

Whether you agree or disagree, care about history or not, think its just a dress or a valuable representation of women’s history, I think personally it was not okay and here’s my take on why. Shop my merch! Subscribe! ******************************************** Check out my Amazon page for my beauty essentials! ******************************************** Main channel: … Read more

The Chilling TIMESLIP STORY That Can't Be Explained

There are many people who claim to have experienced strange time experiences or dislocations and the following story appears to be that of a classic timeslip that was experienced by two reputable witnesses in the late 1960’s. On January 4th, 1969, Dr White and his wife were driving across the Isle of Wight, in the … Read more

Vintage Hair Brush Out – 1940s 1950s style – pageboy how to

This is the video to follow on from last nights video of my vintage set that I did – I hope you find useful! Follow me on Instagram @callthestudentnurse 🙂 I used Wella Silvikrin hairspray in extra firm hold Music: C’est Lui – Josephine Baker Sous le Ceil de Paris – Juliettte Greco Three Little … Read more

Patrick Swayze was Abused and Tragically died of Cancer after Choosing who He Really was

Patrick Swayze was Abused and Tragically died of Cancer after Choosing who He Really was Patrick Wayne Swayze was an American actor, dancer, and singer known for playing distinctive lead roles, particularly romantic, tough and comedic characters. He was also known for his media image and looks; People magazine named Swayze the “Sexiest Man Alive” … Read more

Vintage Old 1950's P&G Mr. Clean All Purpose Cleaner Commercial

Mr. Clean All Purpose Cleaner Commercial From The 50’s We have hundreds of vintage tv commercials from the 1940’s 1950’s 1960’s and 1970’s. These old classic commercials are from the golden age of television and should be preserved for all time. 1950’s, vintage commercial, vintage commercials, old commercial, old commercials, vintage advertisements, old advertisements, … Read more

A Vintage Pyrex Display| Reorganizing My Pyrex Shelves For Spring

Use code LACIFAY130 to get $130 off plus free shipping on your first Green Chef box at Let’s rearrange my vintage Pyrex display for Spring! I have a lot of new-to-me Pyrex, and my hutch is overdue for a new display. I thought it would be fun to bring my vintage neighbors along as … Read more

1920's MORNING ROUTINE || 20's Lady Gets Ready For Tennis

1920’s MORNING ROUTINE || 20’s Lady Gets Ready For Tennis

Today’s video I have a nineteen twenties morning routine, this is not meant to be my actual morning routine. I tried to do a little bit of research here and there(there is not too, too much info out there), and also got some inspiration from movies & photos and ended up with this. So here is a “young woman getting ready for tennis in the 1920’s” / Morning routine.
Hope you enjoy!
#morningroutine #1920s

1950’s Morning routine :

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Dressed like a 1950s top-notch secretary in vintage inspired office outfit

Hello everybody, today I would like to present you a vintage inspired office outfit, including pillbox, cardigan, silk bouse, pleated long skirt, nylons and heels. There are a lot of layers of undergarments to achieve a feminine retro silhouette, so as shown in the video I would like to recommend a very detailed website: … Read more

Car Shows {1950s 1960s} classic cars chrome American classic car show circuit USA old school cars

Car Shows around the USA show circuit full of 1950s classic cars, 1960s classic cars, old trucks, period hot rods & other classic cars. Filmed 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021. Classic cars & trucks in this video ; 1957 Chevrolet BelAir, 1957 Chevy Corvette, 1957 Cadillac, 1940 Ford sedan, 1956 Chevrolet BelAir custom car, 1940 Ford … Read more

Toasters from the Great Depression!

My interest is buying and selling antiques and vintage items mostly from the 1920’s into the mid 1960’s. Thank you for watching. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Visit The Old Curiosity Shop on Ebay by clicking the link below: ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ source

What Really Happened to Whoopi Goldberg – The Tragic Ending of Whoopi Goldberg

What Really Happened to Whoopi Goldberg – The Tragic Ending of Whoopi Goldberg
Caryn Elaine Johnson known professionally as Whoopi Goldberg is an American actor, comedian, author, and television personality. A recipient of numerous accolades, she is one of 16 entertainers to win the EGOT, which includes an Emmy Award, a Grammy Award, an Academy Award, and a Tony Award.


Time Traveling | 1950's Appliance Store #Retro #Vintage #Shorts

Time Traveling | 1950’s Appliance Store #Retro #Vintage #1950s #Appliance #COSI #TimeTraveler #Shorts source

Fifties Inspired Head To Toe Look | Style Revival: 1950s

Time to revive one of the most recreated periods in history… The 1950s! I’m going to pull inpsiration from fifties beauty and fashion trends, and create a look that’s wearable in the modern world. Enjoy! Products used: Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer no. 02 Catrice Translucent Powder Sleek Bare Palette KIKO Lasting … Read more


MAKE SURE TO SUBSCRIBE HERE ➜ Thanks to Sebastian Professional for sponsoring this video! Check out Shaper Hairspray here: And don’t forget to show us your hair icon transformations by using the hashtag #originalicon on Instagram for a chance to win free Sebastian products! I have always loved Bettie Page bangs! Bettie Page … Read more

Miss Fox Women's Fashion Try-On Haul & Review| 1950s Style Dresses, Pajama Sets & Makeup Brushes!

Hey everyone! In this video I am reviewing the online retailer Miss Fox Shop. They have the CUTEST dresses on their site, plus some other awesome items, for very inexpensive. Check it out and let me know what you think! Visit the website here: And the Items Mentioned: 1.1950s Dress Patchwork Retro Style Sleeveless … Read more

Women's 1950s Vintage Rockabilly Swing Dress

Bbonlinedress Women’s 1950s Vintage Rockabilly Swing Dress Lace Cocktail Prom Party Dress Buy now: Women’s 1950s vintage audrey hepburn style rockabilly pinup sleeveless polka dot floral print cocktail swing party dress. Suitable as wedding party dress, cocktail dress, evening dress, prom dress, bridesmaid dress, tea party dress and daily casual dress source

June Favourites: Daily Vintage Attire

Hello lovelies, my full June Favourites for my Daily Vintage Attire is up on my vintage blog featuring my favourite outfits from the month passed! Daily Vintage Attire: June Favourites More vintage fun coming tomorrow! Warm regards, ✦ Miss Lady Lace ✦ Pinup Girl | Burlesque Artist | Vintage Blogger E: W: FB: … Read more

Underwear Show at Midnight Fashion Parade, 1950s

Underwear Show at Midnight Fashion Parade, 1950s [HD]. Shot at the Astor nightclub, London 1953. Various shots of models parading about the Astor nightclub in the latest nylon nighties, negligees and knickers. Men in dinner jackets watch with interest. Check out our Fashions Playlist: Subscribe to British Pathe: Follow us on Twitter: Join … Read more


► Twitter: ► Subscribe to Weird World: NEW VIDEOS EVERY WEEK! #timeslips #timetravel #weirdworld ——————————————— The following seven stories are about people who encountered a timeslip, a phenomenon that causes unexpected time travel. ——————————————— Credits: Music From, Outro Credits: Greenscreen Thunder Storm HD Intro Song: Gut Feeling by Ben Kopec … Read more


Hello all! Thank you for watching my haul! Collectif clothings sale was sooo good! What did you all think of it? Collectif Clothing Follow me on my other social media INSTAGRAM @vintagedolllaura FACEBOOK Photoshoot & Business enquieries only email me This video is not sponsored source

110 Years of High School: 1900s-2010s

Come on a journey through time and see how high school has changed throughout the years! This video includes a combination of British and American high schools. PLEASE NOTE: Any copyrighted material in this video has been used in small portions and for educational purposes. It is covered by Fair Use. I do not own … Read more

The Horrible Tragedies Caused By Bizarre 1950s Kids' Toys | Hidden Killers | Absolute History

Dr Suzannah Lipscomb looks at the hidden dangers of the British post-war home. In the 1950s, people embraced modern design for the first time after years of austerity and self-denial. The modern home featured moulded plywood furniture, fibreglass, plastics and polyester – materials and technologies that were developed during World War II. Content licensed from … Read more

14 Famous Makeup Trends: 1930s to Now | BestProducts

From overdrawn lips to orange-red lipstick, what’s old is new (and oh-so-beautiful) again. Don’t miss a thing! Subscribe to source

How To Curl Your Hair // Vintage Sponge Rollers Tutorial

#LovelyPeopleMerch: How to JOIN the Kellgren-Fozard Club and SPONSOR this channel – Oh yes, finally, here it is: the vintage hair tutorial I’ve been promising you all! Time for you to marvel at how straight my hair is naturally. This is my basic sponge roller set, the one I wear most often. I’m … Read more

Daily Life and Popular Culture in the 1950s

This video provides a brief overview of daily life in the 1950s, as well as a look at American popular culture during the decade. Check out Jake Henderson’s “Original Spin” here: Check out our TpT store: Check out our website: Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is … Read more

50 Rare, Fun, Interesting and Odd Photos of People, Places and Vehicles

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Real 1950s Rock & Roll, Rockabilly dance from lindy hop !

Real 1950s Rock & Roll, Rockabilly dance teenage style ! source

songs to slow dance to in the kitchen at 2 a.m. with the one you love

songs to slow dance to in the kitchen at 2 a.m. with the one you love

It’s 2 a.m. and you’re in love with love. 0:00 – Why Try to Change Me Now – Fiona Apple 5:15 – Fools Rush In – Frank Sinatra 8:33 – I Fall in Love Too Easily – Chet Baker 11:51 – Dream a Little Dream of Me – Doris Day 15:33 – Time Heals Everything … Read more