SHOCKING Facts You Didn't Know About Lily Collins

Lily Collins may be best known as Emily in Emily in Paris. But if you’re really a fan, do you know a lot more shocking things about her? Lily is currently dominating the screens, and despite getting recently married (Oops, shocking right?), the actress doesn’t seem like she’s laying low anytime soon. Before she was Emily in Paris, Lily Collins was already a Golden Globe nominee, the daughter of a rock star, and an accomplished journalist. However, while she and her on-screen persona may have much in common, there is still plenty more to know about the Love, Rosie actress. So, what other things don’t we know about Lily? Let’s find them out in today’s video. But of course, before any of that, make sure you hit that subscribe button and notification bell first for more videos like this. Now, let’s dig in!

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