S-curve workout fashion is a ‘thing’ followed by ‘Come up for air’ shenanigans @maayan__peri

And what great timing we have. As we’ve just created a very relatable Insta mini blog post…

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🍑💪💬 Now… Let’s talk about S-curvish body parts, for the next two posts. Namely ‘soft lean’ shred-curvish abs and ya #butt. Starting with the butt.

🔮 We covered this in detail, back in the #EPIC#Blueprint Tips Series, at the end of 2018. But let’s revisit the S-curvish butt basics…

🍑↗️ It’s all about the upper butt. Some folks have this naturally. But many do not. It’s the hardest part of the butt to build. Either way… Focusing on it, is the best thing you can do, when shape shifting and growth is the goal.

😌 It’s all about maintaining a subtle layer of #fat on ya butt. Aka ‘soft lean’. #1 Because it looks good. #2 Because you won’t worry about losing your #results as much @ eating whatever the fudge we want

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Ab talk on the next post…


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