Made In Heaven Makes People RAGEQUIT!! (NEW JOJO DLC)

Pucci final form aka Made in heaven pucci aka maiden heaven is BROKEN In JoJo All Star Battle R
this new jojo fighting game is super addicting, and while it’s a remastered version of an older game, it’s still super fun! the only negative that i’ve noticed so far, is the subpar netcode. In today’s high level ranked matches, we are gonna be playing some high level pucci final form made in heaven and pulling off high damage pucci final combos! he has high damage combos, great neutral and insane zoning!
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high rank JoJo All Star Battle R matches! expect a classic gameplay video with a little less memes and more gameplay showing you high level neutral and most importantly, high level, in depth,deep with rich vocabulary commentary! High level diavolo combos and neutral!
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