Jojo’s Bizarre Adventures – Giorno Giovanna Dancing to God of Romance | Stop Motion

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Moving Action Figure Giorno Giovanna from “Jojo’s Bizarre Adventures the Fifth Series”

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“”Animist”” is a person who believes that every material thing has a soul;
a human being that worships Animism.
In this channel, we bring lifeless objects to life.

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Giorno Giovanna dances to the song “God of Romance”

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Animator Yamanaka Misaki : I did my best to express the unique standing posture of Jojo. I made big movement to make the dance moves stand out.

Editor Kasubuchi Rio : I used Photoshop to do a retouch of Giorno and and rearranged the blinking and wink. By doing this edit or not, there’s a big difference. By these little adjustments, there are big effects to the film

Director Shinohara Kenta : It took 30 Hours to shoot this stop motion and shot 277 frames. The staff animator made smooth moves. There are little animators who can move the figures this smooth. This was a loop animation, so I shot it in the loop animation way. There are shock in loop animation, but in this shoot, they connected it so that I don’t know where the start and end is. Between cut1 and cut2, there were no reaction so I indicated that to the animator. When there is a reaction, it looks natural, so I like to add it to the stop motion. We deleted the rigs in editing. The editing staff always does a great job.

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・Animator Yamanaka Misaki
・Editor Kasubuchi Rio

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