Interesting Facts About Peacocks And Peahens, Or The Peafowls

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Closely related to turkeys and chickens, peacocks are the more fashionable cousin within the bird family. Peacocks are like nature’s walking canvases. With feathers that span 6 feet, each peacock displays a unique, intricate pattern on its tail. These iridescent markings became one of the peacock’s iconic traits, hypnotizing humans and other animals alike with their beauty.

They may be known for their impressive appearance, but looks aren’t everything; there’s a lot more to these exotic birds than what meets the eye. Watch on to find out more interesting facts about peacocks in our Peacock Facts video!

1:02 The term peacocks only refers to males.
1:17 Peafowl are one of the largest flying birds.
1:33 There are only three kinds of peafowls.
1:53 Only male peafowls have colorful patterns.
2:13 Peacock feathers are called a ‘train’.
2:26 Peacock trains come in a wide range of colors.
2:37 Peacocks use their trains for mating.
2:59 Peacock feathers have unique microscopic structures.
3:22 A peacock’s train only develops after three years.
3:41 Peafowls have four toes on each foot.
3:57 Peacocks emit low-frequency sound with their tails.
4:19 Peacock calls are extremely loud.
4:41 Peafowls can make 11 different sounds.
5:00 Peafowls are social creatures.
5:15 A group of peafowls is called a ‘harem’.
5:24 Peafowls like socializing with humans.
5:37 Peafowls also have aggressive tendencies.
5:50 The average lifespan of peafowl is between 10-20 years.
6:03 Peacocks are polygamous.
6:18 Peahens lay a ‘clutch’ of three to six eggs.
6:31 Most peafowls reach sexual maturity at three years old.
6:41 Peahens are clever birds.
6:55 Peafowls can fly.
7:19 The peacock is the national bird of India.
7:37 Peacocks serve as protectors in Feng Shui.
7:53 Blue peacocks can survive northern winters.
8:08 Peafowls prefer farmlands and warm regions.
8:27 Peacocks are domesticated animals.
8:47 White peacocks are not albino.
9:11 Hunting has caused the peacock to decline over the years.

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