Grass Dance Song (1)

Grass Dance Song (1)
from “Pow Wow Songs: Music of the Plains Indians”

Produced and annotated by Charlotte Heth, a member of the Cherokee nation of Oklahoma and a noted ethnomusicologist.

Album performers: Ed Little Cook, voice; James Kimble, voice; Lionel Le Clair, voice; Oliver Little Cook, voice; Morris Lookout, voice; Joe Rush, voice; E. R Satepauhoodle, voice; Harvey Ware, voice; Chris C White, voice; Bill Grass, voice; Henry Collins, voice; Colin Bearstail, voice; John Eagleshield, voice; Stewart G. Headley, voice; Joseph Seaboy, voice; Bill Vermillion, voice; James R Young, voice; Adam Pratt, voice; Jack Anquoe, voice; Adam Pratt, vocal lead

Recorded August and October, 1975.

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