EP#5 Thai Listening Practice | 5 Bizarre Things Thais Do (Foreigners Never Understand!)

In this listening practice, you will listen to 5 short and fun street interviews in Thai language and I’ll also explain in details.

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00:00 Listen to Interviews in 3 Different Speeds
01:00 Normal without Subtitles
02:45 Fast without Subtitles
04:14 Slow with Subtitles
06:44 Discuss about the topic 5 Bizarre Things Thais Do
10:27 Join Free Live Thai Lesson


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Hey there ~ I’m Byu! I’m a language practitioner and an online language teacher from Bangkok, Thailand. I make new videos every week about language learning, cultural, and lifestyle related contents. Enjoy learning! 🙂 Virtual hugs for even taking the time out of your day to watch my videos! 🙏😊

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