Cry Plays: Obscure [The Lost Episode]

Game :

Some viewer playthroughs :

(If I miss any playthroughs I apologize, I’m getting all I see!)

This is a game that I was going to do a playthrough on, played a good bit of it, edited this video, but then kind of had some sort of mental breakdown and needed to get my bearings back in order.

I ended up deleting all the footage in a sense of ‘this is shit I am not enjoyable to watch no one wants to see this shit’ after editing this video – but realized that this was still in my Vegas Export folder. It survived my bout of lack of self-confidence! Neat!

So, there will not be any more from me with Obscure, this is just something more of a ‘airing out the dust in my closet’ sort of thing. Shit this video is over 7 months old even. Feels nice to finally at least let people see it, even though it’s just the beginning of something that will never be.


Okay so, I just came up with this idea as I am typing this, but hear me out.

What if you guys, because I’m stupid and have stupid ideas, make a playthrough of the game yourself and link it in the comments for people to see if they wish for more. Totally giving you a chance for exposure here for this SICK BOMB ASS GAME DAWG. FREE ADVERTISEMENT YOU DO IT YO.

If people actually do that and finish the game I’ll be sure to put a few in the description/annotation because fuck it, why not?

If I’m not going to do it might as well let someone else do it, y’know?

Man I have the worst ideas. Let’s see if that one sticks.

Either way! Hope you guys have a damn fine weekend regardless (or weekday, depending on what day/night you actually read this) – and I’ll catch ya later. Or if you’re going to leave forever, have a nice life. Whichever suits you best. Later, gator. Smileyface.

Music by Hellberg & Rich Edwards – Ashes (Burn Your Love) (feat. Danyka Nadeau) : (Provided by Monstercat)


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