8 Weird Things Sigma Males Will Do When REJECTED

8 Weird Things Sigma Males Will Do When REJECTED
Sigma males are very picky about the people they let into their lives. They take a long time to really trust someone or let them in, and they want loyal and supportive people.

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When they’re rejected, it hurts. So, they analyze. They replay the events again and again in their mind, considering every detail and trying to figure out what they could have done differently. They’re trying to make something logical out of it, some kind of lesson. They want to learn what went wrong, so they can prevent it next time.

Eventually, they rationalize the whole situation until they come to terms with it. The more invested they were, the more time it takes. That’s why you’ll hear Sigma men warn others not to let anyone in, to guard yourself and your heart with a protective bubble. They’ve realized that people don’t always treat you the way you deserve, protecting themselves from that.

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