200 Beautiful Bikini Fitness and Wellness Compilation – Runway / Catwalk Presentations

The 2022 Bikini Fitness and Wellness Compilation is here with over 200 Runway or Catwalk Presentations (Called I-Walks in this Sport)
We see videos from Tyngre Classic X, Nordic Fitness Expo, Swedish Nationals, Swefitopen, Battle of Sweden and more.

One the Thumbnail of this video is some of the beautiful athletes from this video, some from different competitions and classes.
From Your left to the right:
Sandra Swedberg – Bikini Fitness
Daria Vinokurova – Bikini Fitness and Wellness
Jenny Haglund – Bikini Fitness
Jessica Pap – Wellness
Fiddeli Bråthe – Bikini Fitness
Evelina Närdin – Bikini Fitness and Wellness

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Music is often changed from competitions due to Royalty Rights


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