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A curated mix of world music, music from different countries and cultures.

Let the power of music help you improve your mood and emotional wellbeing. Music to inspire and motivate, organised by moods, genres and themes.

Music for travel, music for relaxation, music for reading, music for studying, music for work, music for sleeping, music for focusing, music for stress relief, music for romance, music for exercising and background music for everyday life.

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‘Thunder Rod (Instrumental)’ Rhythm Scott –
‘Intoxicated (Instrumental)’ Ashley DuBose & YNKE –
‘Only One (Instrumental)’ Ashley DuBose & YNKE –
‘Distraction Method (Instrumental)’ Liam Back –
‘Jungle Run (Instrumental)’ Liam Back –
‘Moving Mountains (Instrumental)’ Liam Back –
‘​​The Cave (Instrumental)’ Marko Maksimovic –
‘Norse Clan (Instrumental)’ Nicolas Guerrero –
‘Hillside (Instrumental)’ Pangal –
‘Black Lake (Instrumental)’ Pangal –
‘Falling Backwards Through Time (Instrumental)’ QAWALA –
‘Brazil (Instrumental)’ RA –
‘Battle Dance (Instrumental)’ Rhythm Scott –
‘Man Like You (Instrumental)’ Scarlet Parke –
‘Out of This World (Instrumental)’ Seth Öphengon –
‘Kalahari Wind (Instrumental)’ Spearfisher –
‘Zen Flow (Instrumental)’ Spearfisher –
‘Running Game (Instrumental)’ Terem –
‘Menice (Instrumental)’ When Mountains Move –
‘Dry Heat (Instrumental)’ Yari –
‘Wild Wind (Instrumental)’ Yari –
‘Na Na Na (Instrumental)’ Yari –
‘Cielo Azul’ Mary Ives –

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