Weirdest Things People Brought onto Planes

Weirdest Things People Brought onto Planes

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Every day, millions of people board planes to travel from one point to the other. While you may be law-abiding, there are thousands out there with ulterior motives. They attempt to sneak in dangerous, illegal, awkward, and the craziest things into the plane! Some of them have been in flight more than once and know there are things they can’t carry, but they try anyway. In this clip, we look at the 15 weirdest things people brought onto planes!
15. Moose poop
While airline companies do not outrightly ban animal feces, why would someone even dare carry it along? It is not clear why this man packed a giant bag of moose poop, but we know he tried to smuggle it into his flight out of Juneau. Officials at the airport were optimistic about the new week until the large moose nugget came visiting. Here’s why you may not be allowed to get in with a bag of poop. How would your fellow passengers feel? It would be the most stinky journey ever! Whatever your reason is, wait till you get to your destination before purchasing feces instead of carrying it around. The passenger was taking the feces home after his Alaskan adventure and would love to present the gift to politicians.
14. An elk pelvis bone
I may understand why someone may want to board a plane with a living animal but a bone? It beats my imagination. A passenger once asked the transportation security administration (TSA) team if he could carry an elk pelvis bone in his luggage. Fortunately, they agreed and allowed him to pack it. Animal bones can be loaded as checked or carry-on luggage. Although this airline permitted this, the law is not the same across companies. You would need to check the aircraft rules in your area before hopping in with a bag of bones.
13. An arsenal of Valentine’s day present
Valentine’s day is a period where people remind that special someone that they love them. It is characterized by romantic dates and the exchange of gifts. Candy, flowers, jewelry, and cards are some of the popular presents that day, but this hopeless romantic wanted to give his lover something different. He bought her a big bag of martial arts weapons. The box contained a double-edged dagger, ax, throwing star, and machete. What was he thinking? Martial arts weapons wouldn’t even pass the security checkpoint so, why bother. If he’s lucky, he can get his gifts back because the TSA often resell confiscated goods. And if someone else purchases it before him, he’ll need to buy a red rose for his wife instead.

12. Cocaine in shampoo bottles
The U.S. Customs and border control aborted a man’s plan after he attempted to smuggle 35 pounds of liquid cocaine via the Houston George Bush international airport. Authorities had a dog sniff the suitcase, after which he alerted them of the presence of narcotics. After testing, they realized it was worth $400,000. He was sent back to Colombia, and the drugs remained in the police department for further investigation. Drug smugglers are trained in various devious smuggling methods that sometimes go undetected. Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar pioneered this technique during his heydays. When he arrives at his destination, the liquid is soaked in a solution that extracts the cocaine and dries it. Unluckily, this man met his end sooner than he expected.
11. Pigeons
If hiding an illicit item in your luggage would implicate you, stuffing it under your pants may liberate you. It is common to hear people stuff the weirdest things under their cloth to evade security checks and possible arrest. In 2009, a passenger landing at Melbourne was arrested because he hid two live pigeons in his trousers. He was stopped when he arrived in Dubai after a ten-hour flight. Each pigeon slept quietly in each of the trousers, and he padded them with an envelope for extra protection.


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