Visit Retro Rio De Janeiro With Dance Music By Llego – Samba Do Brasil

This is the 1st track from Llego’s album
COPA DO MUNDO – Electro Brasil
SAMBA DO BRASIL – Latin Dance Club Music
Buy links for the album (available from 1st of February 2014 on):
Enjoy the music & the FIFA championships!
Mit Sportlichen Gruessen/ Sporty Regards/ Sportives Salutations/
Recuerdos Deportivos/ Salutaziones Sportivos/ Zhāohu Yùndòng/
приве́т спорти́вный/ Cumprimentos Esportivos/ Pozdrowienie Sportowy
More on the film sources:
Arranged by
“South American Medley” (1948) from
License Agreement:
Usually limited to the USA


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