Top 15 Scary Videos That Will Haunt You

The eeriest month of the year may have come to a close but it doesn’t mean we have to leave all the scary videos behind. If you are looking to keep your horror fix going or are just hoping for a haunting escape into scary stories and accounts, you are going to be so glad you found this list! Whether your heart pounds for ghost encounters or you get goosebumps from the paranormal and the otherworldly, these entries have screams to offer for everyone. In fact, it contains scary videos that will haunt you! So, buckle up for a tense and terrifying ride that is sure to leave a few everlasting impressions on you!

Not all ghost sightings take place at night. Whether it is to just communicate with the living or for more malevolent reasons, many uncanny haunted house activities are recorded almost every day, and have been reported for centuries all over the world. Some entities are happy to simply exist amidst the living, but others like to intrude. This list includes 15 such dreadfully scary videos where ghosts, apparitions, and inexplicable beings caught fear of anything and everything they feel like.

However, truth be told, the fear you will feel while watching these creepy videos won’t come from the displayed ominous events, but from the effect they will have on your horrified psyche that will desperately want to keep believing the world is rational and that your reality still makes sense. As some of the scariest videos you can find on the internet, the entries in this list of top 15 creepy videos will make you want to hole up inside your basement to safeguard yourself from the horrors unfolding in the world outside. But would that make you feel safe?

Whether you believe in the paranormal or not, it’s hard not to get frightened out of your wits when you are alone and you hear something bump in the night or even hear a voice. However, as soon as the stimulus subsides, you feel normal again. But, what if the shivers stay with you long after something happens? The scary videos you are about to watch will let you experience just that. I am pretty sure many people can’t sit through this list. There’s a world of difference between watching some average spooky clips on the internet and going through the collection of creepy videos that I have analyzed here for you.

Over and above that, abysmally creepy videos have unnerved just about everyone since the earliest days of the internet. I think every one of us has stumbled upon some gut-wrenchingly scary videos that gave us sleepless nights for weeks. This list of top 15 spine-chilling videos contains the best of the best of such clips.

Besides, another heartily unsettling thing about these scary videos is that they won’t stop freaking you out no matter how much you think you are seasoned to horror. Even if you rewatch these creepy videos multiple times, they will still throw you into a panic with each viewing, as if you came across them for the very first time. So, proceed at your own peril.

Done watching? That’s great! Which of these scary videos made you shake in your shoes the most? Let me know right below in the comments!






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12:20 Number 6
12:57 Number 5
13:41 Number 4
14:38 Number 3
16:13 Number 2
17:05 Number 1


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