Top 10 Scary Videos Too Scary to Watch Alone

With such a hoard of scary videos available on the internet right now, it’s no surprise that even the good, must-watch creepy videos go without the attention they deserve. Meaning there are plenty of hidden horror gems to yet be found by the masses that will give them exactly what they want — being breathlessly scared out of their wits! Combining the frights of ghost encounters with visceral haunted house thrills, I am here with a list of top 10 scary videos, which contains the hidden horror gems of the spooky corners of the internet!

After watching these creepy videos, you will think twice about walking at night all by yourself. Because to tell the truth, the videos you are about to pitch upon are the scary videos too scary to watch alone. Going over this scary comp is much like enlivening your most deep-rooted, unexpressed fears. As the horrors of your reality’s darkest sides will play out, what you dread the most may very well ooze forth into your everyday life, and crumble your sense of discerning what’s real and what’s not.

I know this from first-hand experience — grew up reading scary stories. If you have ever read even a single true ghost story or a nonfiction paranormal account, you know how profoundly intriguing they can be. Throughout my early teenage years, the chills of frightening reports and descriptions of real ghost encounters and otherworldly incidents kept me turning the pages, long after lights were out in my home. My fascination with reading scary stories soon diverged into watching scary videos of mysterious occurrences and ghost sightings. What interested me more than the ominous incidents themselves, however, was their underlying tales and the truth they unfolded about the sinister side of both the unearthly and the humanity.

With over a decade of horror experience under my belt, I think I can safely say that the best scary videos are the ones that unnerve us, make us question the status quo, and compel us to wonder what’s on the other side of that door. The scariest videos among the horde of mediocrity you will find online are the ones that not only will get under your skin, but will also haunt you long after you have finished watching them. And the entries in this list of creepy videos are some of the scariest footage you can find. They will throw you into sheer panic and thinking about them later will bulldoze over any level-headedness you are left with.

Some things are too eerie to ever be explained — and therein lies their ability to terrify beyond measure. I have scoured essentially the entire internet for the spookiest, creepiest, and the most chilling videos that happened to real people. So, if you are someone who gets frightened easily, steer clear of this list. This isn’t your average roundup of scary TikTok videos; these are legitimately creepy videos that will make your hair stand on end. Do not even think about watching these if you are someone who gets frozen with fear upon catching the slightest glimpse of a spider or a cockroach. You have been warned.

But, if you think you can handle the frights, go ahead! This list is for you! Turn the lights off, check your locks, and settle in for the most nerve-wracking night of your life. These scary videos will make you realize that encountering the sinister and unknown forces of nature always ends up in petrifying tales.

Done watching? That’s great!
Which of these creepy videos scared the life out of you the most? Let me know right below in the comments!

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