Top 10 Scary Videos That Will Shiver Your Timbers

Have you ever visited the internet to settle in for the scares and the shivers, only to find that there are no new scary videos on your homepage? If you have exhausted your feed by watching all the creepy videos you could find and have nothing left to give you the much-needed chills, don’t worry! Here’s a top 10 list that will scare the pants off anyone who dares to watch them; in fact, these are the scary videos that will shiver your timbers — the chills you seek lie here!

Anytime we think of a haunted house or a ghost encounter, our minds tend to immediately jump to twisted shadowy apparitions that creep around in the dark, head-spinning grotesque entities, and partially-visible beings with a stench and pale ghostly complexion. However, real-world ghost sightings aren’t at all like that. Unlike your imaginations fueled by scary TikTok videos or Hollywood’s horror flicks, true ghost encounters involve much more subtle and eerie confrontations that prey on your psyche rather than giving you a jump scare.

The clips, recordings, and accounts of real supernatural encounters analyzed in this list of scary videos will leave you freaked out of your wits. And, the lingering impact made by these creepy videos is unnerving to the point that you will probably get no sleep for weeks. Yet, far more haunting than the frights or the lingering fear in your mind, will be a feeling of sheer fear because the people these horrifying incidents happened to may seem strangely familiar. When the usual, average people like you and I experience horrors of the dark and the unknown, it just hits on a different level as we can relate to them in several ways.

As the events displayed in the creepy videos of this scary comp happened to the everyday folk, the dread, and fear — all begin to feel startlingly more real, and the fear such evoked is no longer something you could shrug off at the end of the video. With that, be cautioned that venturing into the “theorizing” zone regarding the possible causes of the eerie happenings that you’ll see in these scary videos might have you descending down a speculative rabbit hole, and you may end up with more questions than answers. Don’t try to add clarity to something that’s inherently obscure. Furthermore, the entries in this list are some of the scariest videos you can find; don’t go digging too deep into them as these creepy videos can most assuredly crumble your sanity if you pry too much.

Horror has piqued my interest for a very long time. I just loved a few good scary videos that sent chills up my spine — they made me feel excited and quite alive. But as it is said, too much of anything is bad; being submerged into everything to do with horror made me impervious to the genre. I stopped getting freaked out and didn’t feel the rush as thrillingly as I used to.

However, when I stumbled across these for the first time, I was stunned by the fierce dread they had to offer. No part of the horror endurance that I had developed reading scary stories and watching harrowingly creepy videos throughout my life prepared me to deal with what they put me through. The point is: if you get panicky rather easily, proceed at your own peril, as hardly anything you may have ever watched would be as spine-chilling as the scary videos you’re about to watch.

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